Free Shipping Free same day shipping when you spend $45 or more. 


Low Prices not low service

We all love to save money, but not at the cost of customer service or shipping performance.  We are priced to be competitive as possible without compromising our business.

Fast affordable shipping.

We use optimized shipping labels and have a commitment to delivering the package on time so you wait less and use more.

No “flash in the pan” gear

Lets be honest, alot of vape gear turns into unsupported junk fast.  We don’t carry ecigs that look like snakes and grenades.  We carry products that appeal to a variety of vapers that will stick around for a while.

No fakes policy

You will never never a get a product from us called “Boytech” or “Banger” we carry the good names like Joyetech, Vision and Kanger. If its a generic, it’s clearly listed as such.