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Kanger eVod clearomizer in 5 colors

Kanger eVod bottom coil clearomizer


The Kanger eVod comes in 2.5ohm standard resistance.   It uses eGo threads you have been warned! Do not over tighten onto your battery this will break the unit.  Make sure atomizer is fully resealed to the base after every refill. This will pop the mouthpiece open if not done each and every time. 


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Product Description

What is the Kanger eVod?

The Kanger eVod is another bottom coil from KangerTech with a new twist on the atomizer head.  In favor of saving the consumer cost the Kanger eVod features a removable atomizer that can be changed inexpensively.  This means instead of paying $2-$5 dollars for atomizer heads or a new clearomizer you can have it replaced for $1-$2 to have brand new performance.  Kanger plans to move most of its product line to this style of atomizer head.  The other things that are unique to  the eVod are its size of 1.7ml vs 2.5 – 3ml for other competing bottom coils.  This means a stronger vacuum and less gurgling or leaking.  It does use polycarbonate and will be affected by acidic liquids like all other clearomizers that are either polycarbonate or a hybrid PC plastic.

How do you change the atomizer head on the Kanger eVod?

Simple, it unscrews from the bottom base just like the Kanger T3. It’s a smooth base and you may need a napkin to grasp it and open it.   Then from there you can see the center shaft is knurled.  Twist it off and back on to change atomizer heads.  Make sure that the eVod atomizer head is completely screwed down after every refill.  This atomizer is known to loosen up when being removed for refilling.

What resistance does your eVod come in?

We currently sell all our Kanger eVods in 2.5ohms we find this is the best resistance for bottom coils from KangerTech it works well with mods that can use higher voltage and less prone to burning the liquid by the inexperienced or forgetful.  We do carry 1.8ohm resistance for those who prefer that style of head but we do not sell it natively in this set up.

What known mistakes are present with the Kanger eVod?

 Issue 1. Liquids As with any plastic based clearomizer the Kanger eVod plastic is being affected by certain flavorings.  This is a side effect of polycarbonates.  This can been seen in the form of cracking in clear plastics and in the form of melting in dark plastics. (Note: dark plastic melts in the liquid and then melted/clouded liquid plastic rebonds to the clear plastic like glue and makes it appear as if it is etched, however the clear plastic itself does not etch it just cracks, this may be misleading as the Kanger eVod does not have dark plastic in it, it will not cloud but it will suddenly crack) Issue 2. Stripping by the eVod placing into a T3. We have experiences with users stripping the base trying to fit it into a T3.  We do not support user’s experimentation and trash any email where someone claims it came out of the package stripped.  (Note: We are well aware of users placing these into T3s, regardless what forums say, we know the truth and listening to users making forum assumptions is never wise.) Issue 3. Not threading down the eVod atomizer head properly. Will make space and cause it to leak or with added force crack the mouthpiece, sometimes the metal tube will give before the plastic will. This is because of the tight tolerances adding .5mm height to the base by not threading down the atomizer will bust apart your eVod. Issue 4. Users are tightening the eVod too tight and/or having a center pin that is jagged or sticky.  Anyone with vaping experience knows only to get the items finger snug.  510 and eGo are only width not depth standards.  Continuing to crank the eVod onto the battery causes the grommet and center pin on the atomizer to spin pulling the silica wick and coil and making it into an “S” or worse a “pretzel” shape.   If you have done this by mistake the atomizer is between $1-$2 and simply replacing an atomizer will fix the issue.  If you are not overtightending the eVod make sure your center pin is not catching the atomizer base and causing it to twist. Clean your center pin, if your center pin on your mod is grooved for airflow this may catch the airflow channel on your Kanger eVod and you will need to use an adapater or a differnet mod.  Twist batteries work best for Kanger eVod.

What is up the with name of eVod and final conclusion.

Kanger Tech is releasing a new line of products called the E-Series.  They seem to be a line of products revolving around smaller size and containing batteries with full featured starter kits.  The e-Vod was renamed after it was sold to include a hyphen e-Vod, the eVod and e-Vod are the same exact product.

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