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Kanger eVod Starter Kit

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Kanger eVod Starter Kit.  Black and Silver and 4 other colors in 2.5ohms.

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Product Description

Kanger Evod Starter Kit

The Evod Starter Kit from Kanger is the perfect kit to get you started on electronic cigarettes. This kit comes with two Kanger Evod 650 batteries, two Kanger Evod clearomizers, a usb charging cable, the outlet adapter allowing for you to charge your devices almost anywhere, and a five pack of Kanger Potank Atomizer Heads at a 1.8 ohm rating, that add to the (2) atomizer heads already connected to the tanks. Also included is the Kanger Evod user manual to help you get your device set up properly. With the inclusion of two batteries this means you never have to worry about your battery running out of charge, leaving you feeling like you must go back to old habits. Kanger has been dedicated to creating quality electronic cigarette products and with these Evod batteries , their approach wasn’t any different. With an assortment of colors to choose from including red, black, blue, pink, purple, and silver, we are certain to have one you like.

Each Kanger Evod 650 battery weighs in at approximately 1 ounce each with each tank weighing in at approximately .6 ounces. The approximate length of the Evod battery is 3.2 in. and for the Evod clearomizer it is approximately 2.5 in.. The charging cable is your standard USB to 510 style connection that also comes with your standard wall plug adapter rated for U.S. wall outlets. This is a very simple to use electronic cigarette. No dials, no batteries to change out, just a static battery allowing for easy use.

What is in the box

Two Kanger Evod Clearomizers with (2) 1.8 ohm atomizer heads already attached
Two Kanger Evod 650 static batteries
One standard USB to 510 connection charger cable
One US standard wall plug adapter
One (5pk) of 1.8 ohm Kanger Protank Atomizer Heads

Color available.



Battery length: 3.2 in approx.
Battery width: .5 in approx.
Battery weight: 1 oz approx.
Tank length: 2.5 in approx.
Tank width: .5 in approx.
Tank weight: .6 oz approx.

Evod Starter kit Overview

The simplistic Kanger Evod Starter Kit is the all in one electronic cigarette. Never worry about a dead battery with no way to charge only half way through your day again, with two batteries and two tanks, you will always have what you need.

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