Kanger Protank II with Airflow Controller

Kanger Protank II with Airflow Controller


Note:  This product DOES come with a beauty ring for hiding the threads on eGo/evod batteries.   It features two Protank heads in 2.5 ohms and an airflow controller only.

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Product Description

Kanger Protank II  with Airflow Controller

Effective April 1st 2014 we will include the Airflow Controller with the Protank II


A well designed glassomizer that is fully capable of being rebuilt from top to bottom, including the O-rings. It comes with a base, two 2.5 Ohm atomizer heads, a removable drip tip, and interchangeable glass, making this very customizable. It is a bottom coil device with 510 base threading, making it even more useful. Since everything is replaceable and threaded, this means there is no glue involved in this tank. The atomizer heads contain silica wicking with the option of using 1.8, 2.2, or 2.5 Ohm heads that easily thread into the base. It weighs in at approximately 1.7 oz., with an approximate length of 2.7 inch and an approximate diameter of .7 inches. The tank is made of durable high heat Pyrex glass and the fittings are plated brass that comes out with a nice chrome style finish. With a simple to assemble design, this is perfect for veteran vapers or anyone who is just starting out. The glass design allows for more acidic liquids much like the Protank II’s predecessor, the first Protank, as to where a clearomizer would cloud and eventually crack because of the corrosive nature of citric acids that are found in certain juices. Now you can change the color of your glass, as well as use your favorite 510 drip tip thanks to the newly designed Kanger Protank II.

Whats in the box

  • Standard base
  • Two 2.5 Ohm atomizers
  • Removable drip tip
  • Glass tank and fittings
  • Instruction manual
  • AirFlow Controller


  • • Brass with chrome plated finish
  • • Clear glass

Resistance to Voltage

  • • 1.8 Ohm for 3.3-3.7 V
  • • 2.2 Ohm for 3.8-4.1 V
  • • 2.5 Ohm for 4.2-4.6 V

The Kanger Protank II conclusion

A fully rebuild-able, customizable, durable, and reliable glassomizer. Something you can truly make all your own.

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Additional Information

Weight 4.35 oz