SmokTech Magneto II


This is the Magneto II which is shorter than the original two versions of this mod. This mod features the new Magneto switch logo, and entirely new switch assembly. 



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Product Description

The Magneto II Mod by SmokTech

Note: This is the Magneto II which is a half inch shorter (when in 18650 mode) than the previous two versions of the Magneto. The Magneto II is fully adjustable (floating pins) and also features the new Magneto insignia on the bottom button.

Introducing the Magneto II telescopic mechanical mod by SMOK. The Magneto II differs from the original two versions of the Magneto in size, and also appearance. Overall, the Magneto II does take many styling ques from the original two predecessors , but improves on them, making one gorgeous telescopic mod. The SMOK Magneto II is now a full half inch shorter than the original two when in 18650 mode. The switch has also been redesigned so that putting batteries into the mod is a breeze. Before, the Magneto had to be unscrewed in the middle section of the mod in order to be able to insert batteries in it; however, this is not the case with the Magneto II. Inside the switch are improved magnets which make the firing button buttery smooth, while maintaining just the right amount of reverse polarity which allows for the mod to be able to be placed standing up without firing. This new switch also has the newest Magneto insignia engraved into it in black. The insignia is derived from comic book super hero, Magneto’s mask. Floating pins are located on both the negative and positive pins to ensure that all types of batteries (button top/flat top) will fit properly and make a strong connection. This mod also features a new style of battery ventilation where there are three large holes on one side of the mod right above the switch. On the older versions of this mod, there were only two medium sized ventilation holes, both on opposing sides of one another.  We have put these mods through voltage drop testing, and these magnetos have out performed many other high end mods currently on the market. All in all, a great mod.

Approximate Weight

  • 3.9 oz.

Approximate Length

  • 2.9 in. Collapsed
  • 4.0 in. Fully Extended

Approximate Diameter

  • .8 in.


  • Stainless Steel

Battery Capability

  • 18650
  • 18500
  • 18350


  • 510

Voltage Output

  • 3.7v to 4.2v depending on charge of battery