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Vision eGo CE4 Clearomizer, V3 (Vision 2.0)


These are genuine “eGo Vision V3″ brand CE4 Clearomizers in black, clear, blue and red shells. These are not knock offs and are V3 with the “V” vision logo on the metal skirt.

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Product Description

We carry the Vision eGo clearomizer, a quality well known CE4 Clearomizer!

What is a “Vision”, there seems to be a lot of confusion?

Vision is a quality company that builds Vision eGo CE4 and other clearomizers, they make the ViVi Nova as well.  Many eStores are selling CE4 what the think are selling visions without understanding the CE4 is a generic style of clearomizer.  Most CE4s sold are not vision at all!!!!  Vision eGo CE4 V1 had short wicks.  V2 (also knows a “+”) has long wicks and has a new shell that is resistant to acidic juices breaking it down over time. The Vision V3 has a changeable head with a V logo.

Sometimes its known as Stardust but that is only an unregistered trademark. I sell the same version although I do not have a right to use the trademark. It is better known internationally as the Vision eGo CE4 rebuildable.

To be very specific and transparent to my customers I am selling Genuine Vision eGo CE4 Clearomizers in Revision 3 (Vision V3) or (Vision 2.0);  This features the rebuildable heads and the etched “V” logo on the skirt.  If it does not features a “V” then there is possibility you have an imitation.

This clearomizer is so popular many sellers have given it different names for marketing purposes.

It could be known as the:

  • Vision (Vision is the name of a popular manufacturer of the CE4 and other clearomizers)
  • CE4 plus Clearomizer
  • Stardust
  • Vision ego Clearomizer
  • CE4 plus
  • CE4 cartomizer
  • CE4 v2
  • Saturn

And the list keeps growing…

The Vision eGo clearomizer is a cartridge and atomizer all in one. Hence the name cartomizer and because its clear its called a clearomizer.  This creates a leak free design that is the current draw back to many other cartridge and tank systems.  Once you put the liquid in you can relax knowing the next few puffs are going to be pure vaping bliss.

How do you fill a CE4 ?

First unscrew the drip tip that is at the top of the device this should expose a pointy metal tip and silicone seal.  Tilt the Vision eGo at a 45 degree angle and gently let the e-liquid run along the edge of the clear plastic gently slipping by the silicone seal.  At sun vapers we like to think of it like pouring a beer to prevent it from getting foamy.  With thicker e-liquids you may need to use a paper clip to open the gap up between the silicone drip tip seal and the clearomzer shell since the clearomizer shell is cone shaped near the top, the flow space is small.

How do you vape?

Simple you just start using the Vision eGo device.  There are many opinions and guides from burning it in or letting it set over night. As a seller we have found that people will create their own style and preference.  It simply works.  If you got some e-liquid in the center hole while filling you may find the cartomizer makes a gurgling sound.  Simply remove the CE4 clearomizer from the battery and clean the excess liquid off with a q-tip. This should resolve the gurgling noise and make for a smoother draw.

How long do they last?

We have some users who claim they last a month others a few days.  Vaping is like anything else that is consumed, its up to the user and his/her habits and personal style. Its much like asking… “How long does a gallon of fuel last?”  As a good rule of thumb a few days to about two weeks are considered normal.  We do not guarantee they will last any amount of time.  We also suggest that if the flavor changes, but the device still works that you switch heads.  They are meant to be disposable, they are sold at a price point to keep the user from having to perform maintenance on the device. Simply toss it.  If you like to tinker and solve puzzles the atomizer heads can be rebuilt with your own wick and wire.

What about other similar CE4 ego Clearomizers?

Some people believe the CE4 currently is better than the CE5 because of leaking issues can damaged batteries if atomizer head is too tight.  We sell the CE4 clearomizer because we know it works and it will not break your battery and it does not leak. When the other versions mature we will be happy to sell those as well.  We current have the “Vision eGo 2.0″ on the way its also called a “V3″ depending on where you have heard about it from.  It will have the same great quality of the vision brand but will also have a changeable atomizer head system for lower cost, easy cleanup and customizable resistance.

What else do I need to know?

The CE4 clearomizer at Sun-Vapers is a standard resistance model and best paired with an eGo-c twist battery for maximum results. To view the eGo-C twist click here. This will allow you to fine tune your voltage for the maximum vaping experience. Currently we only carry the Vision eGo v2 which sells at 5.99 white the generic version usually sells at $4.99 we plan to be fully stocked on both very soon.

I am already a fan of the Vision CE4 what else is out there?

We recently got in a two new style clearomizers, one of them in the new Redux eGo clearomizers and the other is the new Kanger T3 and Kanger T2.  Each of these has various advantages over the others.  And like all things in the world, everything does have a subjective quality for the most part. We only carry quality items so we let you decied what your favorite style should be, the Kanger features a bottom coil and the redux features a replace head with the ability to have dual coils.

 Sun-Vapers I want the Vision eGo 2.0 with replaceable heads!!!!!!!!!

A video review that pretty much explains it.

Is there any clearomizer products that use glass instead of Plastic?

Yes the Kanger Protank uses glass instead of plastic and is a bottom coil that performs equally as well. It is called a glassomizer. instead of a clearomizer.