PIcture of Kanger eVod base

How to prevent gurgling on the Kanger eVod and Kanger T3 Clearomizer.


Preventing gurgling on the Kanger T3 or Kanger eVod head.

While some people claim is should work with thin juices sad truth is its hit or miss as all juices feature different properties.  I will show you how to get the most out of your heads. 

Notes received after posting:

  • You may need to lower your voltage after adding more wick as much as .8V You ARE adding pressure which will make more vapor, while reducing wicking speed.  Its a balance and a tradeoff as are most “tweaks”
  • If your wick is too big you may need to untwist some of the strands otherwise you will twease forever. LOL
  • Don’t change the position of the coil you will notice there is a gap in the coil in the center. They are close to the sides of the base because that is where fluid is coming in.  Spreading the coil evenly will make the center burn as it wicks last.
  • You may want to remove the old flavor wicks before adding new wick. Use your best judgement.
  • If you really overstuff the atomizer you will push the coil down deep. Don’t use a giant wick.  Please LOL
  • Some have clipped back a portion of the seal that sets of top of the wicks.
  • If you go back to thick liquids you may need to remove the wick you added. Or you can use a pure unflavored PG or water drops if you have no PG.
  • And as all vaping, this is a trial and error experience.  I am only giving you the rough information to achieve your own perfect setup.
  • Common sense is a must, don’t use a shoe lace or a piece of sock.  Be smart, be careful and have fun.

First clean and dry your T3 or eVod atomizer and base.  If your like me you can use fresh hot water and let it dry.  Of course you can just use a napkin, towel or shake the excess liquid off off. (It may taste like napkin paper for a bit) if you rush this.

PIcture of Kanger eVod base

Next:  Remove the silicone tube seal. Make sure you know where you left this.  It seems like everyone is asking for these.

Kanger eVod2


Either gently with a pair of needle nose pliers. (Or some other type of plier) or with your fingers. (like I do) wiggle off the center tube. Of the eVod or T3 head. The Kanger T3 head is a bit easier to peel back since its longer. Please any damage done is at your own risk.

Kanger eVod3

Switching to top view for better perspective. You can see two flavor wicks and below that will be an additional wick wrapped in the coil wire.

Kanger eVod4


Here may be the tricky part I am using 1.5 to 3mm wick.  I stole it out of a throw away Vision CE4 clearomizer. You can simply tug on one side of the head and the whole wick comes out.  Then boil it in water to get it clean.  Of course you can always buy wick from a trusted source. They come in whole rolls or by the foot. (you only need an inch)


Kanger eVod5


Place the center tube back into place and press down locking everything in including your new flavor wick. Your new anti-gurgling eVod/T3 head is almost ready for prime time.

Kanger eVod6


OK don’t forget your silicone seal.  We are almost there.  The show must go on.

Kanger Evod7

You will want to get a scissor or nail clippers and clip off the excess.  Some people have been known to get creative clipping off one end very short and leaving the other a bit longer to feed liquid in.  I am not sure how well this works. KangereVod8

If you followed my instruction you have a new head with more wicking material   This should allow you thin liquid PG vapers more time to keep this from being a gurgly mess.  Now you may have over stuffed the wick, don’t worry use tweezers and tweze out the extra wicking material starting from the TOP (try to avoid the wick that is wrapped in the coil please.) The top is much safer since its freshly added wick.

Remember there is no substitute for common sense and creativity.  Just remember don’t blame me if you mess it up more. Sometimes you may have to patient to get the full results.  Trial and error is your best friend.

Kanger eVod clearomizer


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