How to spot a Fake Sony Sony VTC5

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  1. The whole idea of counterfeiting juices is quite scary to me, I can only imagine what some will do to cut corners and increase profits while poisoning the vapster. Problem with fake anything is that it drags down the whole industry in terms of quality and respectability for merchandise that has earned it's place in mainstream vaping. My best example would be Kangertech, the best is the best and when someone undermines that with crap, it brings everything down. Peace
  2. Hello! Great article! But i have some questions. First, i have 3 vct5's and they individually exhibit the characteristics outlined here. All 3 have the flat negative end, not raised. But one of them has what appears to be a straight text print, and small "rl" logo, and "burned in qr code, but still has the "nasty seam", in fact they all have the nasty seam. Another one has a printed qr code, and the third has no qr code at all! So, given that they have a flat bottom, and "clean" tops, but still exhibit both "real" and "fake" characteristics, is it safe to assume they are fake?
    1. Author
      I would not go that far. The seam is far more noticeable than my camera can show. I would venture to say its glue underneath. Where did you buy the batteries?
  3. Interesting article. Thanks for doing the work on bringing this info to us.
  4. Thanks for doing this! I was the user on Reddit that brought this up. They are still harassing me over eBay messages. The seller is M** ****** and my Reddit name is ForeverEighty9. They also even had the audacity to tell me that I didn't know what I was talking about. I will not be buying anything from them again. They also want me to remove the posts and videos but I will leave them up so others can identify fakes in the future.
    1. Author
      I have to censor the name but someone could search reddit for this they would find the post.
    2. Is it possible the distributor doesn't realize they are fake? I've noticed that a sellers tend tend to just repeat whatever manufacturer information given to them. Without using them or testing them, it's possible they don't know it. IMO, with batteries, who you buy them from is important.
      1. Author
        There are so many people trying to make money in this. Some are smart but dishonest, some are honest but naive. It is very likely the Chinese distributor themselves doesn't know they got a hold of fakes and it just goes down the chain all the way to the end user. In my experience, some people when they get ripped off, instead of being the difference in a line dishonest trades, they just do what was done to them in some weird twisted denial thing. Kick the can down the road mentality. Even with customers, if they got ripped off but it cannot be proven definitive, they will defend the junk product as long as solid empirical proof does not turn up. You can see this with some of accessories going around. There was even folks defending these batteries until the blog post come up, just as an example. To specifically answer yes its possible but I would say a good portion are just trying to unload the dud product before people catch on.
    3. Have you reported the batteries to ebay as counterfeit? What price are they selling them for right now, or could you post the listing# so I can flag them myself?
    4. Hi Tim, Who is giving you a hard time, ebay ? If thats the case i will stop doing business with them as well. Thats wrong! Theres no shortage of places to do biz. Thanks.
      1. Ebay doesn't hassle buyers with complaints, they always try to make things right, if anyone is hassling him it's the seller. Ebay doesn't put up with deceitful sellers at all, and often refund peoples money themselves if the seller refuses and they find the buyer to be entitled to a refund. Ebay is actually a really cool company when it comes to protecting their customers from things like this, at least in my experience, they've always been almost eager to get grievances resolved in my experience, so much so that whenever I've had a problem that the seller took responsibility for and wanted to make right, they request that I notify Ebay of the problem, even though they're taking care of it themselves. Simply because Ebay is really good at making sure things end up resolved for all parties, and are helpful to sellers who make an honest mistake and want to make it right. Ebay helps ensure that there reputation reflects this and isn't damaged, since reputation on Ebay is everything.
        1. sounds like i'm shilling for Ebay, lol. I've been on both sides of Ebay problems, and there has been more than one occasion where they bailed me out of significant losses due to scamming sellers overseas, I've also dealt with them when they take a backseat and just observe a scenario where the seller takes care of it themselves and just made a mistake, they are like a security blanket. I'm sure plenty of people have had bad experiences and swear off Ebay because of it, I personally haven't yet
  5. oh dear :-/ just when i thought i'd found a trustworthy place to get Sony VTC5 - no international shipping. :-/
    1. Author
      What country are you in? Part of the issue is that even if I was able to ship international batteries are prohibited without a certain certifications.
  6. i just got 2 vtc5's from ebay and they look exactly like the real, but the qr code or whatever that is, is alot darker on mine. and my lot number is the same as the real mine fake?
    1. Author
      No necessarily. The QR code seems to have some differences between batteries. Or is simply not printed on some VTC5.
  7. I also purchased batteries from this ebay seller and thought the performance was lacking other batteries of mine. This was at least 1 month ago and had not realized there was a problem. I appreciate you and GrimmGreen bringing this to my attention. jim
  8. I just bought some from Amazon and it's the exact same thing as the fakes you pointed out here on your website.
    1. I ordered three 2600s and one 2100 from t****** v***. The 2600s checked out to be real.The 2100 was not.I will be in touch with them. Smoketeck has the right idea.The caterpillar atty they came out with is as good as the high end attys.In my opinion They sell it at a clone price hence its not gonna be profitable for other companies to clone them. smoketeck gets all the money from their design. Because their good and affordable they make their money in volume. 100 for an atomizer is too much for most people. Thanks for the battery heads up.
  9. so that "nasty seam" is something I've seen before in other batteries idk if the case with the fake vtc5's is the same as the other batteries I've seen but that "seam" usually turns out to be an exposed grounding wire/filament that is just being held onto the battery via shinkwrap, and if that becomes truly exposed it can ground to the inside of your mod and arc weld itself in there and essentially destroy the mod
  11. That seam rings a bell with me, I have seen that on batteries that have protection on them after the protection has been removed. Not difficult to do, not advisable though.
  12. I learned an important battery buying rule a long time ago. First and don't buy batteries from ebay or amazon. EVER! There are far to many bad eggs and uneducated sellers. Its a shame to ruin it for the few good sellers but unless you have some personal knowledge of the seller your rolling the dice. Second is to only buy from a reputable dealer like sun vapers. There others out there but I won't post the names since this is not their site. Many, many sellers don't know they have fakes. Even the most honest and trustworthy sellers buy batteries from alliabba and similar wholesale companies under the assumption they are paying for real batteries but they are not. Some dealers buy batteries and resell them. Some buy batteries, test them then resell them. Thats who you want to buy from. Third is, Cheap batteries are never good and good batteries are never cheap. They are the most important factor in performance and the last place you want to cut corners. You will never find a high quality name brand battery for half the going rate. Its a fake! A good sale is a couple bucks off. Any more than that and its most likely fake. Those are the rules I live by and I've never bought a fake battery.
  13. […] This is regarding VTC5's, but the ideas are the same. You look at the battery and check it against a known good one. The other way is to create a discharge curve and compare that to a known good VTC4 curve. My preference is to buy only from known good suppliers so I don't have to worry about counterfeits. BECOME A CASAA MEMBER FOR FREE (Click here) Numbers matter. Reply With Quote […]