I will give away an iHybrid sweet medicine on novabroadcasting.org tune in from 10pm to midnight EST or 7pm PST on Saturday night for a chance to win!

Novabroadcasting.org is a vape show dedicated to talking about vaping, mods, and just current events talk.  Check out Smokie – the mod father, Vapor Joe the man behind –  Vapor Joes deals, and Vaping Mandy Cat of Timeless Vapor.

Here is a preview of the actual iHybrid mod Sweet Medicine, worth $255 pretax picked up in person in Long Beach, CA.







iHybrid Sweet Medicine

by Edward@SV

Just an average guy running a small business.

One thought on “I will be giving away a iHybrid on www.novabroadcasting.org tune in and enjoy the show!

  1. kaffinekid says:

    man i like i just might win that but if i don’t you could just sent me a few of these pro tanks to make the pain go away

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