Dear ALL Chinese manufacturers, please remove the ml marks on all hardware immediatley.

The United States government is going to to continue to take action against the personal vaporizer hardware market.  If you want to operate you should listen and/or have this translated to management. 
It is believed by manufacturers in China that we use the markings on the clearomizer to mix e-liquids. This is not true.  Nobody in the USA uses these marks. 
These devices make our vaporizers look like medicine devices, we do not like this. 
We do not use these marks and they are ugly and make products not easy to sell. 
If you can help our business please remove the markings from all devices effective immediately or we all will lose. 

This is why you need to stop. It looks like this to many people. 


This is the best way to sell and keep US government from stopping our business.  You

see its much more beautiful.


To my fellow Americans, business owners and vapers around the globe.  Follow our lead.

To my USA vaperprenuers and concerned consumers.  Take this blog post and send it to your favorite clearomizer business overseas.  Vape shops and websites grab your balls and start thinking, also stop selling cheap ego batteries.  There is  something wrong when the price of a firecracker is on par with an ego battery. (joke was made just now)  If we don’t stick to name brands there is no way to trace and hold accountable manufacturers who make this junk. Consumers reading this blog post, stick to companies that actually take time to show their faces, who are reachable and who give a damn.  These get rich quick fly by night operations are not a good thing. They cant make enough money to influence chance and never really invested enough to do give a damn.   I would normally not say anything but I don’t want to lose my business.  I have to move fast, the clock is ticking.

Forgive my direct and aggressive approach.

The next battle for nicotine alternative rights has begun.  Stay tuned. I am calling the militia.





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