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  1. Listen the USA has no right to force anyone in a foreign to remove anything, Sure the USA thinks that the world revolves around only them, but it doesn't !!. If they want them removed just for the USA market the make a import law, But really its being petty, I like the lines and I use them, Say if I add a bit of cherry to a tobacco flavour. The USA government has not rights in the UK,Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and about 300 other countries. Get used to it damn it. Stop thinking just because one governor gets a brain fart that everyone around the world has to smell it. Jeff
    1. Author
      You missed the point. What can you do with the ML marks that you cant do with a large measuring syringe. I vote with my wallet if these companies want my business they will not add to the scrutiny of vape industry at least not with my money. Feel free to do whatever you want and let your government treat you how you wish. I will not let mine not without a fight. The first step is to win over non-smokers and remove questionable things that do not help but add scrutiny that is unnecessary. Who said anything about "force" we vote with our wallets. I am sure China want to continue to see its biggest importer thrive. They most likely will begin to comply when they understand the illustration I provided. BTW we are the largest domino in the game, if we tip you can bet you guys will lose sooner or later as well. Let us fight our battle if we win, its something other countries can use for their benefit also. You should not be taking away negativity you should be pumped that someone out there is actually thinking ahead and taking action instead of crying. This isn't about USA being a hegemony or whatever you took away from this post. Its about freedom. Where do you get your e liquids from? If you buy anything vape related from the USA then your clearly not seeing the bigger picture and this actually does affect you directly. No offense intended. Because of this comments are done.
  2. Author
    To anyone reading. This is only a small step in the right direction. I don't want to give people the idea that these are medical devices. We need to distance ourselves from that perception. Sorry to offend and be less than a professional, but we have to move quick. Trying to make change the slow way just is not going to work, its still taking companies forever to master Pyrex. Please understand this is all part of the bigger picture. Thanks.