So it happened again. You were out with the guys, having a few drinks, sharing a few laughs and you spotted her from across the bar. A couple winks, a few nods, and a shot delivered from the bartender with a quaint little message, “Care to join me all the way over on this side of the bar?” You raise your glass and she hers, a salute to the pursuit of another conquest, or maybe your future. Endless possibilities start arriving in your brain, sending out pulses through your body. Feelings you cannot control. A much smoother person than yourself would breathe deep, crack a smile, and remain calm. But you, you start to get nervous; your brow starts to sweat, your hands clam up, and you do what comes to you in your second nature. You see her get up from her bar stool, say a few words to her group of girls she came out with. As all this is happening your urge grows stronger, much harder to ignore. In your moment of weakness, you reach into your coat pocket for that little rectangular box packed ever so tightly with 80mm. white cylinders filled with that pungent aroma of staleness. You pull one out place it upon your lips and go for the gusto with your silver lighter with all the fancy engravings work on it. A gift from your friend’s wedding where you were the best man perhaps. She has her head turned as she is inching closer to you. Right now feels like eternity; time has all but stopped as you fumble to light your crutch.

What you didn’t notice while you were trying to light that nervous tick was that she had turned her head towards you, saw what you were about to do and decided that she would walk right past you. Giving you a glimpse of what you had just lost out on. You sit there wondering what made her change her mind. Was there something wrong with your smile, had she been with someone in your group and wanted to avoid them at all costs? Just sitting there left to wonder. She makes her way back to her seat across from the bar and you look up with that facial expression of what happened; She gives you a gesture about the cigarette you have dangling from your mouth as the smoke bellows into the bar, then turns away and has her attention grabbed by another man. What you need to know, is that it doesn’t have to end this way, there is still hope.

Stop wasting away with all these lonely nights just because you cannot win the battle against a very tough opponent. There are other alternatives, ones that don’t smell like a musty bar, and ones that are less obvious, ones that don’t require you to carry around dangerous objects filled with highly flammable liquid. Joyetech has a solution for those of us who aren’t always the coolest under pressure; the electronic cigarette. If you are a smoker and have never vaped before, let introduce you to a whole other side of life. Don’t let the girl get away anymore.

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