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The Kanger Subtank is Kangers rival to the Aspire Atlantis subohm tank..  Unlike the Atlantis, Kanger included a well though out way to convert your tank into a very functional and effective RBA of premium quality.  In this blog post we will keep the text to a minimum as the images themselves can speak far better than we can.

This Blog post is optimized for Desktop PCs and Tablets, older cell phones and browser do not display the blog correctly.  This was tested and working with a Samsung Mini S4 and Chrome browser in landscape position.

This is a breif lineup of all the parts, there is also some screw drivers and cotton which we will photograph at the very end of the blog.

The coil photographed has been used.

Kanger SubTank in line

The fully assembled SubTank looks very sharp.  The Red O-Rings give it a unique flair.  Kangers styling has been very well thought out with the last few tanks and this one is no exception.

Subtank using RBA atomizer.

This atomizer features a bit wider bore drip tip that what we have previously seen.


Very Class Drip Tip

What is inside the Kanger Subtank chimney?  This Chimney neatly plugs right into the same location the subohm atomizer plugs into.

Subtank Chimney


I am no expert on RBA’s but I would say it looks very nice.

Subtank Chimney Cover removedI figure if I was a DIY RBA guy I probably would want a better look at how it all comes together.   It took a photo using a different technique that lets me get super close. I also flipped it around.

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Subtank RDA Deck closeup

My employees let me know that the two part Chimney cover is a BIG deal since you can adjust and tweak coils/wicking after putting on the Chimney.   Looks great and makes perfect sense.

Coil Cover breaks into two pieces

Before final assembly at the top of the blog.

Final Assembly Subtank

Now we shift gears and switch the tank into glassomizer mode. In this image you will see there are two shafts so to speak.  There is also 2 screws on the left side of the image.  To convert this from the RBA to the Glassomizer you must remove the two screws, and switch the tubes. (obviously attach screws)   Then simply unscrew the RDA attachment and place a production coil in its place.

Subtank conversion


This part should look very familiar by now.

Subtank Glassomizer

Also the coil like many other Kanger coils features backward compatibility.

Kanger Subtank Compatibilty.


The center pin is spring loaded. It works on most connectors but it would not make contact on my Fat Daddy Vapes 510.  We think the spring loaded pin of the atomizer and the spring loaded pin of the 510 do not create enough pressure to push the center pin up high enough to make contact with the sub ohms atomizer head.  in RDA mode this was not an issue.

Spring loaded Subtank Center pin


The blue screwdriver, replacement screws, two premade coils for the RBA, and some cotton. Pretty cool.




The Kanger SubTank is surely going to generate a buzz and be a stiff competitor to the Atlantis and Nautilus.  I think going the RDA route is a smart move.  Especially considering the kept so much backward compatibility with all their other products.  Its proof that while they want to move forward they dont want to step too far forward and lose touch with their original audience.

After posting:  I think some have missed the big deal, lets get away from the subohms heads and focus on the concept of a cross over clearomizer/RBA kit.  Some will buy this for the RBA aspect and some will buy it for the SubOhm aspect. But the ability for the pre built coil crowd to be able to crossover is big.   And those who are already fans of Kangers other stuff now have a large glassomizer that is not overkill.  I cannot say if Apsire or Kanger will make a better subohm tank, (that is not for me to say)  what I can say is the RBA aspect coming along in a familiar kit to non-RBA users is a big deal.  And if our testing continues to be this good we will carry it.  I am exciting and I think between the two big dogs in the clearomizer arena Kanger did a very slick move that serves as a great and appreciated bonus to those using clearomizers and want to use RBA’s.

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25mm size?

Speaking with Kanger before I even received the product I was under the impression it was already targeting box mod users.  Anyone who keeps up with trends knows the mech mod is slowly dying in popularity.  I would say this is a smart move, increased capacity that embraces the new trend of box mods is brilliant.  We took our first test and initial photos with the DNA40 box and it came out great.

Subtank with Box Mod