There is a bill that may shut down all e-cigarette and other alternative websites to protect the kids.  Just one flaw in the logic…

If you haven’t heard, there is a bill being rammed through by a fellow named Roger Dickinson (D-Sacramento) who wants to shut down the entire e-cigarette e-commerce that is thriving in California.  This would mean less jobs created, less money coming into our cash strapped state, and more unnecessary red tape.  This would also mean more taxes and less free market competition for the supplies people have relied as an alternative option to traditional tobacco.  In other words California would be removed from an new an emerging industry that is creating new jobs, generating revenue and new opportunities for thousands entrepreneurs and innovators.

His argument relies on “its all about the kids” he assuming kids are getting on the internet, taking out their credit/debit cards and stocking up on candy eliquids and $60 dollar setups because its so much better to suck really expensive and complicated flavored air than to just walk down to the gas station and get a .99 cent Snickers bar.

Assuming this pseudo argument is true there is just one flaw in his entire logic that many people have overlooked. The Postal Service, FedEx and UPS all over age verification upon delivery with signature.  Even the liquor store doesn’t ask for a signature when you buy a pack of smokes.   To some degree this supersedes his entire logic for the bill in the first place.

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Write to your state congress and senate telling them this is a massive abuse of power and unnecessary.

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Here are some links.

Fed Ex age verification service options.

UPS Age verfication service options.

USPS age verification service options.   Only cost about 5 bucks!

A link to an article on the topic. 

Help me and our fellow Californians before its too late. E-cigarettes were an innovation of the internet help me protect that.

I have provided a sample of a real shipping label!

Age Verification Sample USPS

 I know some people don’t like the idea of signature confirmation.  But I just wanted to point out the flaw in his logic to give you guys some ammo to fight against it.  Every piece of information = ammunition.  No options or strategy’s should be off the table. If this gains traction, worst case scenario this will keep us operational. 

15 thoughts on “AB 1500 threatens to shut me down, just one problem. USPS, FedEx and UPS offer age restricted delivery.

  1. Martin Wilson says:

    Totally ridiculous! I’m sure they don’t “need” the business, but causing me to turn back to tobacco products is a step in the wrong direction. I have switched to E-Cigs and reduced nicotine, after 42 years of smoking with multiple attempts to quit, this seems to be my best bet!

  2. Mark Byrd says:

    As if kids aren’t smoking analogs? Every smoker I know started smoking analog cigarettes when they were too young to purchase them. Are they banning tobacco cigs because children are getting their mitts on em? And analogs which were proven without a doubt to cause death aren’t being considered for a ban, yet something that is by all intents LESS harmful are in danger of being banned. If this doesn’t smell like bias, you need to get your nose checked.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. If every piece of of legislation or local ordinance had to be vetted with common sense before money was spent putting it through the democratic process, this type of grandstanding would be nipped in the bud.

    • Lou says:

      You think?

      Get a grip America. This idiots term is prolly up this year (2014), and his re-election campaign funds depend on his support of this bill.

      Honestly, this dude doesn’t give 2-shits about any kids. He, like most other politicians in America have sold their souls to special interests, big business, ect long ago.

      Remember the idiots that elected him in the 1st place. Vote the moron out!

  4. [email protected] says:

    I’m sorry we live in such a litigious age where every solution involves a new law and the problems we face are mostly our own fears because true danger has become remote in our daily lives. Fight it as best you can.

    and good luck

  5. Bill says:

    Govenmac has it exactly right, it is all about dollars – and on several fronts.

    The state of California is losing massive amounts of cigarette tax revenue.

    The drug companies are fighting against PVs, as they are losing revenue from sale of their expensive and mostly worthless temporary stop smoking patches/inhalers etc. And if people don’t get cancer from cigarettes, they will lose massive amounts of revenue for their extremely expensive chemotherapy drugs.

  6. Angela says:

    Hi, I would like to suggest that vapers who would like to advocate for e-cigs and fight the bans and regulations listen to the last two shows by The VP Live Vape Team. They can be found at

    The second to last show by The VP Live Team is titled, “A Dark Day in Europe”. Dimitri and his team have done an excellent job of explaining the complex issue and more importantly letting vapers and vendors know what they can do to fight new regulations and stop bans from becoming laws.

    I would also like to suggest that vapers watch a 5 minute video on YouTube that interviews a senator who is *for* vaping.

    Senator Mr. Muri explains in very simple terms what we need to do if we don’t want legislation to destroy the vaping industry. And it will be destroyed unless vapers speak their minds.

    Let your voice be heard. It *does* make a difference. Legislators want to keep their jobs in office. We voted them in we can vote them out again!

    Link to YouTube video:

    Please share the video!

  7. Lynda N Crawford says:

    If it had not been for my son sending a vape kit and e-juice,my health would’ve continued on it’s downward spiral to death. Thank God for this type of nicotine replacement therapy: gum didn’t work, allergic to the patches and their prescription drug therapy. My cardiologist is thrilled and my brother’s oncologist sanctioned the use of it with open arms and if heart and cancer doctor’s are elated guess that just leaves “corporate politicians” with a little less money to line there already bulging pockets. Furthermore, I quit the 1st day and now walk at least 3 miles a day, weight lift, and my blood oxygen levels went from 92 to 100 in just six months.

  8. falterkl says:

    Every negative report I’ve read about ecigs seems to be somehow connected to big tobacco one way or another. It is so obvious to me that the big tobacco and the gov want ecigs to disappear because of lost income, whether its from lost sales or tobacco tax…

  9. Rick Mennen says:

    I have been smoking for 43 years. Have developed severe PAD and was about to lose both legs. Have just had bypass surgery on one leg from below the knee to my groin and have to have the other done when this one heals. Bought my first ecig on Feb 12 2014, and have not taken a puff off a cig since I walked out the door. Really to bad the FDA won’t allow doctors to recommend these to patients because they don’t get their cut. They would rather let people die of heart and lung disease. It’s not just a shame it borders on criminal.

  10. seanwelch says:

    I had an order of liquid on the way had no idea I would need to sign. Saw the slip on the door and figured it out pretty quick. Makes sense to me and was no trouble to go to fedex sign and pick it up. Only trouble was I was never home. But still easy enough to go get it. So sounds like mandatory signature verification should take care of the problem. Hope its solved in an intelligent and adult manner. But that’s just me hoping.

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