Before we show close up pictures of the two new Aerotanks, we think we would like to have a blog dedicated to much anticipated and always controversial heads.

If you are out of the loop, Kanger is releasing 2 additional products to the AA/SS line. (adjustable airflow/ Stainless Steel) named the Mega Aerotank and Mini Aerotank. The mini will feature the 1.5 ohm resistance dual coils and the Mega will showcase the 2.0 Aerotank dual coils.

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We took careful time taking these pictures and ask vendors not to take our images.

Kanger Aerotank Dual Coil Revised

As we can see it would appear there is some backward compatibility. I really dig the more visible resistance markings. The old grommet acted as a seal and closed off liquid from entering the through flavor wicks.  Sometimes this would get warped causing gurlging or would push down too hard causing dry hits.   With the new design just being a flat washer instead of a cup, I see less gurgling/dry hits in the future.  I know many people liked flipping the cap upside down, I never really understood exactly what was taking place that solved the issue.

Likewise there is so much placebo effect in this industry that I often wonder if just the act of moving stuff around and reseating the head that really fixed the issue.  I will never know to be honest.


The Dual coils are compared side by side.  With the wicks being enclosed I hope that the consistency between each head improves.  My observations after owning a brick and mortar along with a website showed that many people “man handled” these heads while attaching to the base, this moves the flavor wicks around breaking the sensitive alignment.

If you don’t think the holes are big enough I am sure this can be modified. (keep going) Kanger Aerotank Side view Kanger Aerotank Mini Side view. 

Kanger Aerotank Coil with Grommet removed.This top shaft was not easy to remove.  You will understand why 2 images lower.

Knurled Shaft For Kanger Dual Coil


I wondered how the alignment was going to be maintained.  You can see here there is sleeve within a sleeve so to speak.

Close up look at the Kanger Dual Coil

The enclosure sleeve is removable.  The top shaft (above 2 images) is a tight fit.  I assume to to put pressure on the enclosure sleeve so it cannot move. The top shaft is NOT easy to remove and I had to use a Vise-Grip to get it off.

I would speculate this two sleeve system will make these rebuild able.

If you wanted you could remove the sleeve and dremel out the holes to tweak it.

The Kanger Dual coil with the sleeve removed.

These wicks look great.  I like how they use the no resistance wire.  This will keep heat off the grommet and reduce burning.
A close up of the wicking material and wrap.  

Grommet Kanger Dual Coil


Our final thoughts (opinion)

The vape industry has many variables that the average person to needs to understand or at least try. Variables create customization; but if your too lazy to use these variables wisely, you will create a setups that make you very unhappy.
With that in mind, this head will most likely not cater to the stubborn vaper looking for an end all solution. “Why can’t I use super thick VG in this thing” is the equivalent of me saying “why can’t I just use diesel in my Honda” The smart thing to do is try something else that fits with what your trying to achieve. This is not the final solution to all vaper related issues and no one should have that expectation. For those already using Kanger products this will be a welcome addition to your dual coil setups. It’s simply another variable that either works for you, or it won’t.

On the more positive side.

I really do think this will create consistency.  Sometimes troubleshooting what is wrong became a moving target.  Having an atomizer head that is solidly encased will most surely create a more repeatable experience.  Find the optimal juices and voltages and vape away.

I am excited to carry these, I think they work very well and really hope you enjoy them too!