Today I am going to release the Kanger Protank 3.  Before you buy, its important that you know the facts.  Kanger has very intelligently made the Protank heads inter-compatible for a long time.  Considering the Protank and eVod heads are even iterations of a early T3 bottom coil this head type has been around over a year! (Literally its a year old)

This means that some people are going to buy assuming the compatibility is still there and/or that the technology producing vapor has changed very little.  This is not just a shape change like T3>T3S or a connector change like T3>Protank.  Its an internal change to the way vapor is produced AND a compatibility change, there are two coils inside one atomizer and the atomizer is a bit taller.  Its important that buyers know this and have a reasonable expectation out of the gate.

I didn’t mean to confuse you, but if your confused then now you understand where I am going.

NOTE2:  I will have a vapor production video tomorrow or Monday for those who are curious!

NOTE1:  If have no idea of the significance of the blog post. LOL Buy the Protank II or Protank II mini and save yourself a headache and skip this entire thing.  This is intended for Protank geeks. 

Lets start with the main difference.   The head has stacked double coils, and is taller.


Looks like they when a different route with manufacturing.  I would assume the glass is backwards compatible but its just too early to say for sure.   I would bet money that these will use the same glass, but as a vendor selling the stuff I don’t want to over promise.  Think about how many vendors have made serious mistakes and have to apologize afterwards. “yeah its stainless steel” “yeah its pyrex” “Yeah its compatible”  If you buy the PT3, buy it as a stand alone unit.  I cant seem to find the original pyrex to compare with.


Here you can see that the lower portion of the Protank 3 has less metal to allow for a longer Protank Dual head.  Again I cant guarantee ANY backward compatibility.


A look inside the Protank 3 heads. Most of the Protank 3’s we sold had no issues.  We did come across one.  The Protank seemed to be overtighted onto the mod, but we are not sure if this is the cause of the malformed head internals.  This angle gives an excellent view of the coil and how its wrapped.


I don’t think there is a major difference in the bases other than a bit more threading. I checked out a couple bases I had and to be honest they all had tiny changes most likely not worth mentioning.   Until more is known, make sure you keep your PT3 base with your PT3.


Lets take a look at the positive pins.  You will notice the shaved it down.  I believe this is because they are switching from a compressible rubber to a silicone that likes to squeeze out the sides rather than compress.  I’m thinking this stuff squeezing out the sides would clog the airflow on a PT3 510 if you tightened the head down too far with the silicone grommet. (The rubber seemed very compression friendly.)

Can I make any more of a case to get away from the eGo/510 connector.  I really dislike the 510. It forces too many compromises in design. Its an outdated connector that just baffles me every time I start to think about it. Kanger MAKE YOUR OWN CONNECTOR!


Well lets take a closer look at a photo we already have!  Its obvious that the material is different.


Now lets take a look at the built models and see what the differences are.  I kind of like where the prototype was going, but at the same time that design does not work will with after market drip tips.


 Ending the blog post.

No doubt the first run of the Protank 3 is going to riddled with controversy.  As I type this my employees and customers are raving about the Protank 3.  When I received my Protank Prototype the vapor production and flavor was intense but it had a “misting” effect that I couldn’t tell if I liked or hated.

One of the other things that has been forgotten for a moment are the understanding of what a dual coil will mean. While its a 2.0 ohm atomizer it needs MORE voltage than a regular Protank.  This will surely throw newer vapers for a loop at first since it competes with the earlier information of lower ohm’s = lower voltage.

Where do I predict this going?

I have been following bottom coil stuff for a long time.  I knew to hold off on a blog since I was sure it would change.  (And I was spot on) I figure at this point, I know the industry fairly well and its neat to see a validation of my own prediction.    If I had to guess today I would say this product will start off rocky, the atomizer head will improve and then take off.  The newer bottom portion of the glass has more room I am sure the head will evolve from here. When the unit works, it seems to work amazingly well.  In other words its going to be popular for sure with the VV crowd with some time.

Things to watch out for!

The silicone grommet.

Something tells me that silicone grommet is going to cause some issues down the line.  The material seems to be slick allowing the coil to move and it does not seem to be compression friendly possibly blocking airflow if someone tightens a mod down too much.  I would bet this was the advice of countless shops and it really only benefits the head re-builder not the plug and play vaper.

The short head with no grip.

Looks they may be trying to shrink the size of packaging with the shorter head. I wouldn’t mind this except that it makes it harder to screw onto a base. I think the long shaft works out well with the knurling.

Its going to improve I am sure if it!

If there is one thing I know about Kanger, they will improve the product, the potential is there and most of my customers are reporting only good things.  It does put out more vapor and flavor.   Give it some time and soon enough we will all be blown away.  (pun intended)

If you buy one, just buy one!

This is a atomizer that works best on a VV device with some power, I dont think a twist will cut it.  If you dont have a Provari or SVD it may seem like a serious under-performer.

Too many people see a product hit the shelves and buy 5 units and 25 heads.  Take your time, its not going to go away.  Buy 1 and see if you like it before blowing more cash.  Trying to reach the free shipping price is no savings if you hate the product.


43 thoughts on “Analyzing the Kanger Protank 3 dual coil glassomizer. (updated)

  1. [email protected] says:

    Thanks for the close up look so far. My first question was “will I be able to rebuild these?” LOL

    The Aspire turned out to be a dissapointment, especially following PBusa…’AHEM’ uhm… the “hype”.

    I am glad to see Kanger taking on the dual coil concept.

  2. Todd says:

    I just bought the ProTank 2 and am quite happy with it. I’ve only been vaping for 2 months and plan on learning to rebuild the coils. Thanks for the awesome info.

  3. vapinvicki says:

    We’ll thanks for the in-depth look, I love my Knager Oritanks, was looking forward to the uni-tank and was disappointed when I found out itwas released in plastic not pyrex, but got over quickly when I heard of the dual coil Protank 3 coming out, But after reading I am a little disappointed here to. I still use a c-twist battery. So I May hold off on purchasing one 🙁 and wait til Kanger comes out with the a better version which I am sure they will :). Or possibly I may get lucky and win one and if I like go from there. But if not I am still happy with my Protank2 :). Still love the idea of a dual coil and filling from the top so please don’t keep us waiting to long.

  4. Silvio says:

    Meh… IMHO Kanger lost this battle to Aspire BDC. The new protank head is just a spin on the old design potentially having more issues than the one coil variant. The issues getting worst will be gurgling and juice contamination which are almost innexistent in BDC design bus to the barrier between the coil and juice

  5. Just Sherry says:

    Excellent post Ed! Couple of questions: 1) What exactly do you mean by “misting”? 2) Any word on using the PT3 on an MVP v2, is that powerful enough? 3) Silicon grommet, do you think that might be what helps strengthen flavor output? I would think heating rubber would alter my juice while silicon wouldn’t effect it? I realize DC would change flavor and vapor too. I can’t wait to receive my order and form my own opinion!! Thanks again for all you do.

  6. [email protected] says:

    Thanks for your insight and all the “good” information, Edward. I ordered one yesterday. I was kinda liking the Aspire, but I think I need a second job to pay for all the heads I’m going through on that gurgling thing lately. Kanger does a great job engineering these creations, and I know they listen to expert input from bottom coil gurus like you, so I feel pretty confident in my purchase. You are considered the “King of all things Kanger”, I’m sure, by many bottom coil vapers. Please keep up the good work you and the gang at Sun-vapers do.

  7. [email protected] says:

    Ordered mine from SV Saturday when it was released. It made Sandston VA from CA by 1AM this morning. Only missed the cut off for being delivered today by an hour. Amazing delivery time, every time from SV.
    Only bought one- just want to try it, see what’s up and figure out how they coiled it. Suprised they went with parallel coils and am curious how they avoided the wires crossing/touching between the two coils.

  8. [email protected] says:

    Thank you for the great information about the pro T3. People please give Kanger time they have been working with Sun Vapers one on one for a long time and problems come up Edward gets them fixed. The pro tank 3 may way bugs on the 1st run, but with your feedback it can and will be fixed. Thanks again Sun vapers I KNOW YOUR COMPANY WORKS VERY HARD AND PUTS IN MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS AND I FOR ONE AM VERY THANKFUL FOR YOUR HELP WITH THIS . I HAVE NOT SMOKED SINCE 3-2013 AND BECAUSE OF KANGER AND SUN VAPERS I DON’T EVER WANT TO GO BACK. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH VAPING AND MY HEALTH IS MUCH BETTER NOW!!! AND THE WIFE IS HAPPY TOO .LOL BUT STILL SAYS I SPEND TO MUCH MONEY ON VAPING PRODUCTS LOL IAM SMOKE FREE AND LOVE IT !!!

  9. [email protected] says:

    Well, I am really enjoying my SVKP3 (Sun Vapers Kanger Protank 3). I watched a lot of reviews yesterday before I got home. Some saying it was awesome, some hating it, along with occassional misinformation. One of the worst things I saw was a reviewer comparing vaper output by putting a P2 and P3 side by side on Kanger Evod VVs set at 4.5 volts each. His assertion being that since both are 2 ohm coils they both require the same power. They don’t obviously- since the power is being split between two coils on the P3, it needs more power to make fair “head to head” against a P2.
    Anyway, I have been getting into cotton. So before even trying it as is, and within thirty minutes of opening the box, I had removed the silica out of one of the heads (leaving only the piece between the coils to protect against shorts)and inserted cotton into both the top and bottom coil. Trimmed it up, put it in the tank, let it saturate and then started vaping.
    I really enjoyed it with the cotton (especially the flavor) so I pulled out the second “stock” coil head and used it a while, and I was fairly happy with the performance. I liked the cotton a little better, but I think the stock heads are not bad, and I’m sure Kanger will improve them down the line.
    I like the SVKP3 over all though.

  10. trev says:

    Hey, Placing my order. When will you have the coil tile up for wait list?

    Also, your picture shows a short shaft off the coil and other sites with the “coming soon” pic shows a longer stem/shaft above the coils.


  11. Patkid says:

    I just want to thank you for your always helpful information that you share so generously.
    Best regards and props from a really old lady who could not figure all this out w/out your helpful posts/vids.

  12. du2vye says:

    Meh. I still use twists on occasion and I’m feeling like most of the new products are leaving me in the dust.

    I expected Kanger to address airflow issues that people always complain about, even though a lot of the complaints are more about personal taste, it’s still an issue with customer satisfaction.

    Having a bottom coil that one could twist to regulate airflow according to taste, would be a dream come true!

  13. [email protected] says:

    This blog is just another example of why I only buy my hardware from Edward! When I first started vaping the “mom and pop” shops lead me down the rabbit hole time and time again. I almost put the digital down and went back to analog! Until….I found the Indiana native! Thank you Edward for ALWAYS providing top notch products, shipping and most important…..ADVICE! If you have never purchased from SunVapers, do so….you will be glad you did! Edward ALWAYS has the customers best intention in mind!
    Thanks Edward!

  14. mike says:

    I bought one of these kp3 and itazte vv battery as recommended by another shop. I keep having problems with flooding. This is my first e CIG and so far I’m not thrilled. I want to make clear this wasn’t a purchase from your shop but I am looking to see if anyone else has had this problem and if anyone has some reccomendations.

  15. William Thomas says:

    Can someone explain to me the main benefit to dual coil attys?

    It appears to me that all dual coil attys would need to be connected in parallel, thus to get the desired wattage at each coil, you would need to double the wattage output on the battery.

    It seems to me that dual coil tanks at best will go through juice much faster and drain a battery much quicker with negligble difference in taste and vapor production.

    • [email protected] says:

      Your actually correct on mostly everything except doubling the wattage maybe 1.5 times more perhaps. If persons were to use the dual coil wisely they could actually get better flavor juice economy. Since your getting more control of the heat applied between two separate coils: Less burning and the coils themselves could last longer since they are splitting the load. But most persons using a dual coil are not vaping like this. So yes your are right.

      • William Thomas says:

        Thanks for your candor. It’s refreshing.

        The way I see it, you are going to need a pretty high power mod to drive the coils.

        I have an MVP 2.0 and am driving my Mini PT at 7.0 watts. If I put the PT 3 on my MVP, it would detect total resistance at 1.5 ohms and fire out 7.0 watts which would result in 3.5 watts per coil, which would be much cooler to get 7.0 watts per coil, I’d have to set the MVP to 14.0 watts which is not possible, so I’d have to use VV mode to set my battery at 4.58 volts which would draw about 14 watts total.

  16. JohnDaddyo says:

    Is there another version of the Protank 3 coming out? I have a 3 but it doesn’t look like any of the pictures shown above. The top of mine is more cone shape. Also, do most like the iclear 30B or, no?
    It’s probably me but, I seem to leak with that more than any other.
    I know the blog is ‘older’ but, great reading!

  17. Kristopher says:

    I have been vaping for quite a while and the pt2 is my go to clearomizer. However I recently purchased the pt3 and I do love it, but how do I stop the darn flooding problem. It makes it very inconvenient to smoke when I have to tear the whole thing apart every 20 minutes. So far all I have done is switch almost completely back to the pt2, because this thing is not working right. Would it help if I turn up the power significantly?

    • [email protected] says:

      The newer heads perform better than the heads that come with the product. Also there a product called an aerobase that can help with the gurgling, leaking and dribbling. A good amount of power is 4.8 to 5v.

  18. Josh says:

    Here’s what I found with both my pro tank 2 and 3.

    They work great on my Bolt, my Smok pipe mod and Smok’s The Natural.

    But The Natural has a much thinner contact pin and it pushes up on the positive contact of the atomizer. After that, it will no longer work with either of the other two mods, until I change my coil. I think it stretches the threads.

    This may be why the atomizer’s wicks were smashed in that one photo.

  19. Johyn says:

    Greatly informative article, I would definitely consider ordering from you if you ever do ship internationally, purely from your honesty and consideration for your customers.

  20. Vaporsmith says:

    The way I adjust juice delivery (to avoid flooding or dry hits) is to add extra strands of silica wick.
    I do this with single and dual coil Kangers.
    I start with 2mm Ekowool braided silica and unbraid about an inch or so at a time.
    Then with high quality diagonal cutters (Erem 576e) I snip off how ever many strands I need and place them on the coil(s).
    Replace the chimney and cut the extra strands to length.
    The single coil attys come with a “flavor wick” that’s equivalent to about two of the Ekowool strands, so I add to that with a new atty.
    Here’s what I put in the various carts I use:
    Mini Protank 2 – 3 strands
    T3s – 5-6 strands
    T3d – 4 strands
    This tightens up the juice flow and it’s easy to make small adjustments.
    When it’s time to clean the atty I remove the extra wick and rinse in water, then do a dry burn.

  21. kmad says:

    Thanks, Edward, for the tips about potential overtightening. Even a full year later, these comments are still spot-on. I’m a newbie to vape mods, & while my protank 3 single-coil is fine, this one was a huge disappointment; it wasn’t working at ALL. Not with my basic 510 batteries, not with the vv X6… nothin. Not only did it fail to produce any vapor–it flooded right away (yum X[ ).

    Your warning about screwing in the base too tightly made me think: it’s easy to fall into a habit of brutal tightening. These tanks seem ~eager~ to leak nic juice all over us hapless noobs! So, cautiously–using the vv battery–I loosened the coil by a 1/2-twist. It’s now bringing up ~some~ vapor on the inhale. The vapor is still way scanty, but feels like it will start to perform better with a bit more adjustment & use.

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