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Analyzing the Kanger Protank 3 dual coil glassomizer. (updated)

Today I am going to release the Kanger Protank 3.  Before you buy, its important that you know the facts.  Kanger has very intelligently made the Protank heads inter-compatible for a long time.  Considering the Protank and eVod heads are even iterations of a early T3 bottom coil this head type has been around over […]

The Sony continues to leave a pile of dead batteries in its wake. R.I.P. MNKE

Sun-Vapers takes a look at the MNKE battery and compares it with the last winner.  We will provide our own commentary but you really should judge for yourself.  If you want to see the Efest vs Sony shootout click here.  20A shootout is a quick look at its output under constant load. The 20A discharge […]

Sony US18650VTC3 30A vs Efest 30A shootout. A detailed comparison of the highest continuous amp ratings.

Today we are comparing two popular batteries making a buzz in the vape world.   The Sony 30 amp and the Efest 30 Amp.  We will have our own commentary, but you really should be the judge. A Quick wattage profile comparison. In this test we apply a 3 Amp load for 10 seconds increasing […]