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My method for testing the rest of the Protanks (video)

Before hand notes. I dont put the Protanks into a boiling pan of water as part of my testing, I was only demonstrating the very high quality of the Kanger Protank in hot water as regular glass would simply crack. Each Protank that ships will be tested before shipment hence the $28 dollar price tag. The next batch will […]

KangerTech’s official response regarding the leak, and temporary Protank price hike.

Its been a real rough few days for Sun-Vapers.  But we keep pushing forward and got some great news from KangerTech. So as many people know there is a defect in some of the Kanger Protanks that SV (information) have been exchanging with our remaining tested stock.  KangerTech happened to be viewing my blog and noticed I was taking exchanges. […]