The MT32 SOCC Coil is an update to the Kanger Single Coil. (Photo Breakdown)

The SOCC and the VOCC will replace the Single and Dual Coils from Kanger. Kanger has updated both the single coil and the dual coil to new cotton coils and has given them new names. While near visually the same to the untrained eye, the differences are significant and users should be informed so they can get [...]

Hands down. The best innovation that can come to this industry is a hassle free warranty.

  The best innovation you can offer customers and retailers is a real, straightforward warranty.   One of the biggest issues we have as a vendor in this industry, aside from the politics and market saturation, is the lack of companies that are willing to stand behind their products at the manufacturing level.  For a […]

Everything About the SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

 Note: We will not have any Subox Mini Starter Kits in stock until Kanger has fixed the center pin. Whether you’re the type to take your coils to their maximum performance level or simply like to puff casually, KangerTech’s OCC Coils have set the new standard as far as quality and flavor of vapor production. The […]