We have had an a long term issue on our website were certain items were not allowed to run out of stock.  These items were allowed to be placed in the users shopping cart but not allow the user to checkout successfully.

We believe we have *may* have found the culprit.

We believe we isolated the issue.  We also think its been fixed, only time will tell if the issue resurfaces.  At this time we consider it most likely fixed.

We usually don’t broadcast small bug fixes. But…

This probably was very frustrating to many users, and we recognize that for every error we hear about many people will give up and try again on a different day or move on altogether.  We are sorry and wish we were aware earlier.

Attempting to lock an item at a sale price.

While troubleshooting. It has become apparent that some users may be manipulating the cart in a way to lock an item in at a certain price and returning to purchase a few days/weeks later. Its not certain if was accidental or intentional.   We will begin purging these on a regular basis and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.


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