Kanger Protank and eVod Atomizer Heads (5 pack)


Important. 7/20/2015

Kanger has updated this coil scroll down for more information.

We have these in 2.5Ω 2.2Ω 1.8Ω only.

Prices may vary in store and online

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Important. 7/20/2015

Kanger has updated this coil and changed it wick it is now named the MT32 SOCC.  It now uses a cotton wick instead of silica.  Do not dry burn this coil.  Otherwise the coil is identical and we found it works as good as the previous coil.

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These are Kanger Protank heads in a 5 pack.  We offer them in 2.5 2.2 and 1.8 ohms of resistance.  We offer them at a low price. These fit:

  • Protank I
  • Protank II
  • eVod
  • Unitank
  • mini Protank I
  • mini Protank II

Important Note:

These are meant to be a low cost and consumable item.  We cannot guarantee these in any way except for an extreme circumstance (extremely defective machining and assembly) .  Please know that the amount of time a head can last can depend on many factors; from voltage, to liquid viscosity, to flavoring.

We price these low, so you can vape more and worry less.

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Due to recent FDA regulations we are halting all shipping and selling until further notice.