Kanger T2 Clearomizer by Kangertech


These come in at 2.2 ohms.  Warning the Kanger T2 uses eGo cone threading!

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What is the Kanger T2 Clearomizer?

The Kanger T2 Clearomizer is one of the newest top coil clearomizers on the market and a brother in design to the Kangertech T3 bottom coil.  The Kanger has the tube style that allows for easy flow to the wick when its sideways and fast wick drainage to prevent flooding when angled at 45 degrees.  The unique style and flow makes a very strong flavor and vapor with increased warmth.  The airflow is very wide open and for those who prefer an open or close draw you can tighten or loosen the ego threading to enhance your experience   The Kanger series uses air holes instead of slits that allows the user to control flow by simply putting their finger over an inlet. This clearomizer is similar to the very popular CE4, but because of its ease of use and better flavor and vapor product this is soon to over take it!

What are the stats?

The Kanger T2 can hold 2.4ml of e-liquid that is around .8ml more than the CE4 Clearomizer.  Our T2 operates at around 2.2ohms and uses the eGo threads instead of the 510 threads.  Works very well with eGo style batteries.  It has multiple wick lengths and resistances, our wicks ship with the 30mm set, this allows for a quick absorption and excess e-liquid drainage when upright.

How do you fill this marvelous clearomizer?

The entire mouthpiece unscrews like a can of soup or a jar of jelly.   You can just let the liquid run down the side of the center pipe and let is collect at the bottom.  Another great feature with this clearomizer is that you can actually change heads with liquid still in the clearomizer, most clearomizers need you to undo the skirting to be able to reach the atomizer head this is an intense improvement over the CE4 as the head just pokes out far enough out of the tube for someone to reach in and grasp the atomizer head and remove it.

How does the T2 stack up against the ViVi Nova?

The ViVi nova is a stiff competitor to the Kanger T2, you will get mixed reviews.  The ViVi nova is built for more customization and its is very popular because the bottom unscrews it can be cleaned easier.  But for the price, and performance and liquid capacity it really give the ViVi nova a run for its money and many prefer it to the Nova line.



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