Sony US18650VTC4 2100mAh



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Sony US18650VTC4 2100 mAh

A 2100 mAh unprotected battery with continuous 30 amp discharge, making this a great battery for sub ohm vaping. It has a max charge of 4.25 v with a discharge cutoff at 3.4v (no load voltage). This is a 3.7 v rated rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. These Sony batteries are one of the most sought after batteries on the market. This can be used for many different applications such as robotics, power tools, and other electronic devices, including electronic cigarettes.

Please exercise proper safety with batteries. Do your homework! 

Too many people claim to know about batteries and battery care. There is a plethora of misinformation available that should be taken with a grain of salt.  I have a battery analyzer and have tested and recharged batteries using graphs and proper tools and I can tell you most vapers are using chargers that are not up to the task, often incorporated with over discharging, or overcharging and recharging at way too high an amperage.  Knowing what I know now, I will not be able to assist if you open a ticket with some issue that you caused. I will not be able to help.  Buy a good charger!  Recharge at 3.4 volts or above and do not use a charger that charges above 4.20 volts.  XTAR or Efest are good brands, but XTAR is better of the 2.  Sony batteries do well at .5 to 1 amp charge. And intellichargers are junk.  (opinion based on lots of research and feedback, its a 1.5 amp global charger. In other words with 4 batteries in the charger it only charges at .375 amps per channel [.375Amp multiplied by 4=1.5amps] , even my little USB XTAR MC1 can do .5 amps, also the AC/DC conversion is inside the charger instead of externally with a wall adapter that is separate from the unit, this means it will produce more heat when actually you want the heat to be as far away from the battery as possible) You may think this is over the top, but the truth is “best case bad scenario,” you’re killing batteries left and right with your cheap chargers/poor use habits. Really bad case, you start a fire, damage property and, even worse, injure yourself or someone else.  When using batteries its not just you who is at risk, the people you live with. (and if you’re in an apartment, your neighbors also). If your mech mod is $200 and your using a $3 dollar battery and a $5 dollar ebay charger you can see why I am annoyed as a business owner.  Cheap chargers will charge protected cells, no issue because the protection circuit (its built into the battery)  controls the flow back and fourth but these ARE UNPROTECTED! (its just a raw cell with no brain)   So, we implore you, read, learn and spend the money where it counts the most, good battery (from a reputable dealer)  and a good charger and know your batteries limitations.  Thanks -Edward 

Replacement policy.

We do not warranty or support any unprotected battery. This is a sensitive and consumable item.  We do protect against DOA with a 12 hour notification window.  But because of how these are being used and consumers using these in high discharge situations  we can not replace any battery in which the consumer overdischarged. Please replace on a charger at 3.4volts to prevent this. DO NOT use out of the packaging please place on a quality charger before first use. 




2100 mAh High Power

Functions and Features

30 amp continuous discharge
10 amp continuous current charge

Read below before buying!

READ BELOW BEFORE BUYING. Per the usual, if you’re buying an unprotected battery it’s up to you to monitor the charging and discharging. There is no warranty on any unprotected battery.  You kill it then that is the price of this style of vaping. If you want to avoid these potential hard-falls, get a regulated device that tells you when its about to die. Over discharging kills batteries, overcharging kills batteries.  Repeated high amperage discharge kills batteries.   We are not responsible with what you do with the battery,  we will tell you up front all unprotected batteries are dangerous, you choose to buy it… Then its on you!  Do you research on safe unprotected battery operation, if you buy this battery you’re saying you know that overcharging/overdischarging/denting/heating/crushing and using the battery without the skin can make it dangerous. And you know that stacking and parallel also have risks. Using a cheap charger is dangerous.  Don’t charge overnight unattended.   WE CAN OFFER NO SUPPORT. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Due to recent FDA regulations we are halting all shipping and selling until further notice.