I am not sure if many people know this but Dwolla is similar to Paypal and it allow for the sale of e-Cigarettes hardware.


I read alot about vapers worried about using credit cards online and that their information is stolen.  Dwolla uses ACH and is very secure.  I have had Dwolla as an option for quite some time and only 1 person has ever used it.  When I suggest it to someone who wants to use a Paypal like solution I get the “why cant you just use paypal” “Dwolla is too hard” unfortunately we cant all have our cakes and eat them too, this is problem solving 101 you cant always get what you want, but you can get what you need.  What I can confirm is once you set it up, your done, and it works really well the user base is growing steadily.

I think if security is a big deal I strongly suggest to the vape community to use Dwolla as a payment source, it can be done business to business, or business to consumer or consumer to consumer. Its great for me because it only costs me .25 to move money around.  I hope this is strongly considered as an alternative for everyone.  Dwolla has no budget for advertising, they hope word of mouth is what gets people to use the service.

The Guest option is newer (and much needed) feature,  but be warned it can bite your ass.

They also have a guest option, (dont ship until payment clears like I did)  some guy name Joshua Wainwright committed fraud using someone else’s checking and a VOIP to verify the phone number so he got passed the first tier of verification. I shipped the package not realizing there was a hold.  I cannot get the authorities to bust this POS yet but its coming. (He will be charged with check fraud)   He bought a magneto and and some twist batteries.   I screwed up because I misread that it had a 7 day hold and I shipped the same day, 3 days later the transfer failed.  So if you are a vendor planning on implementing your own Dwolla don’t be in such a rush to provide good service that you make a mistake.

(I used my background in I.T. to find this out he goes on Youtube and facebook doing giveaways for xboxes and play stations where you pay $1 to be entered into a lottery, the winner always is some account he made up too, a real piece of scammy shit)

The fastest way for Dwolla to work.

Dwolla takes money out of your checking to fund your online wallet, this can take 2-5 business days.  So if you think you may use Dwolla frequently and prefer not to wait (or make your website wait too) it best to fill Dwolla up with money first so your orders can be fullfilled the same day.

VENDORS! Be warned the guest checkout works a bit differently. I don’t believe the guest option is available for consumer to consumer transfer.

Wraping this blog up.

$0.25 per transaction fee is great and I think that we need more payment transfer services like this that aren’t trying to skimming off other peoples hard work.  These costs get passed to the consumer directly and indirectly.  If you are a vaper, or even just a guy looking for something better and want to support newer technologies than lower the overhead of small business I strongly urge you to look into Dwolla.

Don’t be an idiot.

I can almost guarantee that there is going to be that one paranoid person who wants to Dwolla to officially announce or give a black and white answer.  I know this because I already know others who have pushed them for comment on the matter Dwolla response seems gray and for good reason.  Listen, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, they take payment as long as your not selling bad stuff. In other words if you can move it on Visa or MasterCard then you can move it on Dwolla.  Push them for an official answer, well just ask what happened to the people using Authorize.net!!!! (I know someone who forced them to take an official position and lost their merchant account)   You may not like what you get.



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