We are offering Military Shipping for our service men having a hard time acquiring e-cigarettes and other smoking alternatives.  This page is under construction but I still need a page at least letting you know its coming.  I have not forgot you!

If you order from me.  I need exact addresses and easy to understand phone numbers.  The post office is pretty serious about APO/FPO mail and I have to show up in person to speak with a clerk.  Having the right information makes this a breeze or a disaster.

The first question you may be asking is “How can you do this?”

If you don’t know San Diego is a major military city from the Navy to the Marines I have a near infinite amount of people to ask and learn how to ship properly, its an added bonus that half the people at the post office are former service members themselves. 🙂

How do I reach you?

Send me a message at EdwardN AT Sun-Vapers.com and obviously switch the AT with @ symbol. (this prevents me from getting spam mail by a bot.

The prices are the same as it is for everyone else in the USA. Please put your address in the NOTEs section of your order.  Be warned shipping may be delayed by 1 day while we create a customs form.