It very hard for many suppliers to take credit cards live on their sites without jumping through many hoops or paying high risk penalty’s.   We did not go this route!  We believe in what is easiest for our clients. We fought hard and we now legitimately offer all four major credit card vendors without risk of being blocked or penalized for selling an un-authorized item. We also offer Dwolla for our payment savvy clients.

What are the benefits?

  • You can simply use your check card or credit card, no more signing up for third party services making extra accounts to be forgotten later on and spreading your personal info further on the web.
  • Credit/Check cards shield your checking account, no more inputting checking acct numbers exposing you to unnecessary risk.  It’s much easier to order a new credit card than to replace your checking account.
  • Many banks do not offer the same fraud protection (or any at all) when a checking account number is used. The major credit card companies offer fraud protection and monitoring services free of charge. For example take a look at Visa!
  • Take advantage of your credit/check cards rewards points systems.
  • Paying with a credit card takes 1-2 minutes after you have decided that you are ready to buy.  It’s almost hassle free!

What if I simply hate Credit/Check cards?

We offer Dwolla as our alternative payment service.  It’s similar to PayPal and extremely reasonable. We believe in the Dwolla concept as its mirrors our vision of great service –  competitively priced.

Always something to think about. 

It’s important whether you’re a buying e-cigarettes or other merchandise, an eCommerce business that accepts credit cards lets business minded folks know they have fulfilled certain obligations required by law, banks, merchants, state and local municipalities.  They are also standing behind their product, since CC companies have strict quality and customer service guidelines to prevent chargebacks and other potential legal issues.

It’s our goal to provide an excellent product, at the correct price, without hassle or risk to our clients.

Edward Newman

Owner of – San Diego, CA


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