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Joy Life With E Technology

the eGo-C User Manual

Changeable System

Thank You for using our Joyetech Electronic Cigarette!

All the pictures in this manual are real. Please read the instructions in detail before use to ensure you master the correct use of an electronic cigarette. Note: We do not recommend using Joyetech electronic cigarettes and spare parts with Non Joyetech products. Use of Non Joyetech products may result in decreased effectiveness and shortened lifespan, and will void the Joyetech Warrenty.

For all after-sale support, please consult your local Joyetech agent.


eGo-C is the third generation of ever popular products eGo, eGo-T. It will be the milestone in the industry of electronic cigarette, which leads to simplier and more economical development. We believe this concept will be the future of the electronic cigarette industry.

The electronic cigarette is a new type of personal technology. It is not like mobile phones or computers, nor is it like and air conditioner or refrigerator whose advantages or disadvantages can be determined by the cooling of a particular area. The quality and usefulness of our product is affected by each user’s particular habits and idiosyncrasies and judged on a very individual level in the personal response of our mouth, throat, and body.

Therefore, we are testing and experiencing our products in person each day and feeling if it is satisfied. Meanwhile, we are constantly making some bold and more subtle changes and we test for the delicate results each change brings, but the feeling is not unilateral. We consider it our responsibility and challenge to pursue this somewhat evasive feeling, and we strive to achieve a level that would be the same as the quenching of a great thirst with pure water. In addition to this standard, it is our goal to make our product simple and easy to use, so that it is as convenient as smoking a cigarette. It is our hope that our efforts serve to do something less than enrich your life.

Joyetech President and CEO


Product Introduction         3

Optional Accessories          7

Universal accessories        11

Introduction to use             12

Atomizer                                  14

Battery                                      17

P C C                                           20

Liquid                                        22

Filling the tank cartridges 24

Quality warranty                   26

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1. Product Introduction

Joyetech electronic cigarette is a new conceptual alternative to cigarettes. Basically, the output of the battery, controlled by intelligent integrated circuits, applies power to heating components, which, in turn, heat the liquid to produce an atomization effect. The battery and atomizer components can be repeatedly used. The main components of the eliquid used by Joyetech are food grade flavoring and fragrance.


1.1 standard configuration:

  • 2 x eGo-C atomizer body
  • 5 x eGo-C atomizer head
  • 5 x eGo-C cartridge (same as eGo-T)
  • 2 x eGo-C battery
  • 1 x eGo-C wall charger
  • 1 x eGo-C USB parts (same as eGo, eGo-T)
  • 1 x eGo-C pouch (same as eGo, eGo-T)
  • 1 x eGo-C user manual

End of Page 3 

1.2 Kits Standard Accessories

Joye eGo-C 650 battery


Capacity of battery: 650mAh

Constant voltage output: 3.3V

Power display function, Switch button protection and better battery protection than the previous eGo series.

Joye eGo-C atomizer body


An atomizer body is consisted of one atomizer base and one atomizer cover.

End Of Page 4


Joye eGo-C atomizer head


Universal, easy replaceable atomizer head, the core part of the replaceable atomizer.


Joye eGo-C cartridge

Same as eGo-T A type tank cartridge can hold 1.0ml liquid

End Of Page 5

Joye eGo-C wall adapter

(same as eGo, eGo-T)

input: 100-240V  50/60Hz, 100mA

output: 5V, 500mA

 Joye eGo-C USB charger

(same as eGo, eGo-T)

Input: 5V, 500mA

Output: 4.2V, 420mA

 Joye eGo-C pouch

Cloth case for convenient carrying of your ecig and parts.

 End Of Page 6

2. Optional Accessories

Besides the standard configuration, Joyetech offers optional accessories that will provide enhanced functionality of your electronic cigarette. Unlike the components that come with the standard configuration, optional accessories are not required for proper function. As there is a wide range of options, please read the instructions or contact your supplier to prevent incompatibility situations.

The following are the accessories of Joye eGo-C outside of the standard configuration. Customers can consult and purchase from your local Joyetech agent:


 End Of Page 7

Joye eGo-C battery

Capacity: 900mAh, 1000mAh

Constant voltage output: 3.3V

Power display function, Switch button protection Lithium battery protection


Joye eGo PCC

For convenient carrying and charging of product while you are out. You can carry 1bottle 10ml liquid, 2pcs eGo-C cartridges, 1 pcs e-cigarette and 1 pcs eGo-C battery. Customers can carry product according to their needs and you can charge your eGo-C when it is out of battery while you are out.

The parameters to charge eGo-C battery: 4.2V, 200 mA

The parameters to charge PCC: 5V, 500mA

End Of Page 8

Joye eGo-C USB battery

Capacity: 650mAh, 900mAh, 1000mAh

Constant voltage output: 3.3V

Power display function and low voltage shutdown protection (eGo USB battery doesn’t have this function) Switch button protection, lithium battery protection Charging voltage of the USB end: 5V, connecting to the computer or wall adapter through the USB cable. You can use the battery while charging.

USB cable

Used for eGo-C USB battery, to be connected to computer or wall adapter.

End Of Page 9 of the ego-c instructions


Joye eGo Carrying Case

For convenient carrying of product while you are out. You can carry 2pcs cigarettes, 1 pcs USB charger, 2pcs cartridges, and 1bottle 10ml liquid. Or carry products according to your need.


Joye e-Liquid

In conjuction with a working atomizer, the liquid gets heated to vapor. There are different flavors for your choice.

End Of Page 10 of the ego-c instructions


3 Universal accessories of eGo-C with eGo series:

If you buy the previous Joyetech eGo or eGo-T, you can assemble your ecig according to your need based on the following attached chart:



A type atomizer



B type atomizer



All eGo battery series



USB part



Wall charger



Cartridge no





Carrying Case




End Of Page 11 of the ego-c instructions


4. Introduction to use:

4.1. How to assemble atomizer head and atomizer body: Insert the atomizer head to the atomizer base and screw the base and screw the base and cover to assemble the atomizer. Please refer to picture.

4.2. Assemble the battery and atomizer: Please refer to picture. Screw the battery and atomizer on the thread together to assemble.

4.3. Assemble the cartridge: As seen in picture, push the cartridge straight onto the atomizer. When it is 3 mm from the bottom of the atomizer, push harder and when you feel the tank/cartridge is punctured, then spin 30o to 60o, this insures the tank/cartridge is in the correct place.

End Of Page12 of the eGo-C Instruction Manual


4.4. Unlock the battery (eGo battery does not have this function): The Joye eGo-C, eGo-T battery is locked when shipped to customers. You need to press the button 5 times within 1.5 seconds. The led on the button will flash 3 times indicating the battery mode has been unlocked.

4.5. Use: Inhale the tank/cartridge while pressing the button on the battery. Do not release the button until your mouth leaves the cartridge. By doing so, you have finished the first step.

4.6. Locking the battery (eGo battery does not have this function): When your electronic cigarette is not in use, you can press the button 5 time within 1.5 seconds to lock the battery. Press the button 5 times within 1.5 seconds again to unlock when you wish to use the electronic cigarette again.

End Of Page13 of the eGo-C Instruction Manual. 


5. Atomizer features and replacement———————————————————-

5.1 Joyetech eGo-C atomizer is a new replaceable atomizer. It is consisted of atomizer head, atomizer cover and atomizer base. It is different from other electronic cigarettes. If the atomizer is broken, you only need change the atomizer head. It is the highlight of this product: economical and practical.

5.2 The Atomizer uses heat to atomize the liquid. The normal working temperature is 200o C. The liquid in the tank/cartridges reaches the heating device with assistance from inhale pressure. The beat generated by energizing the heating coil and turns that liquid to vapor. If there is more liquid flowing into the atomizer than can be heated to vapor, it will lead to slight leakage, if there is not enough liquid in the atomizer, then it will have a slight burn taste. These are normal conditions, because people have different smoking habits.

5.3 eGo-C Carbonized Atomizer Head maintenance

If you feel the smoke is small and inhaling is hard after the atomizer head is used for a period of time, you should maintain as follows:

1. Unplug the cartridge and inhale directly at atomizer till there’s little burning smell. Then keep pressing the battery button to dry the atomizer head until the liquid inside dry out and you will see heating wire turns to be red. Then drip 2 or 3 drops of e-liquid into the atomizer head, plug cartridge again and inhale about 10 times. The atomizer head will work normally again. The methods can be repeated for 2 or 3 times if doing once is not enough. (see Picture 1)

During drying, the atomizer temperature rises. You need to wait for its cooling before continuing drying atomizer head. Please take care not to burn your hands. There will be burning smell when inhaling your electronic cigarette after dying the atomizer head. After inhaling for several times, the smell will disappear.


2. Remove the atomizer base, clean the surface and the inside, blow through the part indicated by the arrow to unblock the air hole in the atomizer base. (see Picture 2)

End Of Pages 14 and 15

5.4 After using the atomizer for a period of time, there will be accumulation on the internal components due to carbonization and impurities. At this point the average vapor will lessen or you need to inhale harder and it means you need to change atomizer head. If the atomizer head isn’t used for a long time, please remove it, or the atomizer head will stick to the thread when liquid is dried.

5.5 Method of replacing the atomizer head (Please refer to picture):

  1. (1) Unscrew the atomizer base with your hand.
  2. (2) Take out the old atomizer head.
  3. (3) Assemble the new atomizer head.
  4. (4) Screw the atomizer cover.

End Of Page 16

 6. Introduction of battery

6.1 Basic performance of lithium battery: To extend the battery life, please do not subject it to hot or humid environments.  Do not throw or squeeze the battery and avoid contact with sharp objects.

6.2 Special features of Joye eGo-C battery: The Joye eGo-C battery is a new power display battery. When the battery power is over 50%, the battery LED is white; When the battery power is between 10% and 50%, the battery LED is sky blue; When the battery power is below 10%, the battery LED is blue. It has a constant outpout of 3.3V and has safety protection. It has strengthened short circuit protection and over discharge protection based on eGo-T batteries and there is a device inside to prevent overcharging. When the battery is fully charged, charging will stop automatically. It usually takes 3-4 hours to fully charge (the charging time differs according to the battery). When output short circuit happens, the protection device will disconnect the power supply

End Of Page 17 – ego-c instructions

automatically and the battery will be locked. The battery will be unlocked and continue to work when charged again.

6.3 Power off: If the LED starts flashing 40 times while you are using the electronic cigarette, the battery will shut down and it indicates that the battery needs to be charged.

6.4 Charging the Joye eGo-C 650,900,1000mAh battery: To charge the battery, screw the threaded side of the battery to the USB charger and then connect the USB port to the wall adapter or the computer. The LED light on the button will flash 5 times then go out, and the LED on the USB charger will turn red, indicating the battery is charging. When the LED light on the charger turns green, it means the charge is finished.

End Of Page  18

6.5 Charging Joye eGo-C USB battery: Charging is the same as charging the eGo-C battery, but additionally, you can charge through the USB port located in the end of the battery. Connect one side of the USB cable to the USB port in the battery, and the other side to the computer or wall adapter (seen as in picture), the USB port will turn red, indicating the battery is charging. When the red light goes out, the charge is complete. This charging method allows you to be able to use the electronic cigarette while charging. This battery has the low voltage lock function, so it will be locked when the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V. You need to charge for a while to unlock the battery for continuous use.

End Of Page  19

7. PCC

7.1 There is a chargeable 200mAh lithium battery in our Joye eGo PCC. The external charging interface is a standard Mini USB port, which is very common. The PCC can hold 1pcs electronic cigarette without cartridge, 1pcs eGo battery, 1bottle 10ml liquid and 2pcs eGo cartridges. There is an LED indicator light by the USB port.

7.2 Charging the Joye eGo PCC: When the PCC is charged with an external adapter (output is a USB interface) or USB interface in the computer, the input voltage is 5V. The LED light is red when it is charging and will turn green when the charge is finished. Disconnect from the external adapter or computer and the light will go out. In theory, a fully charged PCC can charge a 650mAh battery 3 times before the PCC requires a recharge.

7.3 Indication of low power: When the voltage of the internal battery is less than 3.3V,

End Of Page 20 of the eGo-C Instruction Manual

the indicator light will be red, indicating the PCC needs to be charged. At this time, the PCC will stop charging the battery automatically.

7.4 Charging the eGo battery with Joye eGo PCC: To charge a battery, screw the battery to the charging port. The battery will flash rapidly 5 times and then go out. This means charging has begun. It usually takes about 3 hours to charge the 650mAh battery.


End Of Page 21

8. Liquid

8.1 The liquid bottle of Joyetech has a child resistant screw-press cap. Please refer to the picture to open the cap.

8.2 Liquid warning

  • Nicotine can be toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin, and if ingested.
  • Nicotine is classified as Harmful: Danger of serious damage to health with prolonged exposure, if ingested.
  • Nicotine is irritating to eyes and skin
  • Nicotine may cause sensitisation by prolonged skin contact
  • Nicotine may cause harm to the unborn child
  • Nicotine vapours may induce drowsiness or dizziness


End Of Page  22 of the eGo-C Instruction Manual

  • Nicotine is classified as Very Toxic to aquatic organisms, and may cause long-term adverse effects to the aquatic environment
  • In case of an accident, or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice (show the label where possible)
  • This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe manner and in accordance with local waste disposal regulations
  • Use appropriate containment measures to avoid possible environment contamination

To avoid risks to man and the environment, comply with the instruction for use.

  • Keep your electronic cigarette locked away when not in use
  • If any contents are swallowed, seek immediate medical advice and show this leaflet
  • Nicotine in its pure form is a poison and can cause serious harm
  • All nicotine-containing fluids must be kept in a safe place and away from children at all times

End Of Page 23

9. Filling the tank/cartridges with liquid——————————————————–

Joye eGo-C cartridges are same as eGo-T A type cartridges. We have empty tank/cartridges and they are transparent. This allows you to see the liquid when you fill. There are 2 ways to fill with liquid (refer to the picture), and please ensure you use the liquid from Joyetech:

9.1 Open the bottom cap and fill the liquid as the picture shows. Please do not fill the cartridge full, and it is better to leave 1-2 mm space.

9.2 Fill the liquid through the small hole on the bottom cap, refer to the picture. Please ensure the tip is completely in the tank. Squeeze the  bottle to let liquid flow into the tank/cartridge, and leave 1-2mm empty space.

Attention: When you feel a continuous burning taste, it indicates you need to add liquid. Empty tank/cartridges are consumable, please replace the cartridge frequently to ensure proper function.


End Of Page 24

End Of Page 25

10. Quality warranty

The warranty of Joye eGo-C is 6 months from receipt of our product. We are not responsible for the defects caused by human error.



This Joyetech product may be covered by Joyetech’s limited manufacturer’s warranty. Subject to certain terms and conditions, Joyetech warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of six (6) months from the date of delivery of the products to the authorized Joyetech distributor.

End Of Page 26

Distributors and resellers are not authorized to make any modifications, extensions, or additions to Joyetech’s limited manufacturer’s warranty, except as we undertaken at the distributor or reseller’s sole expense and liability. If you believe that your Joyetech product is defective, you must contact your authorized Joyetech distributor or reseller to determine whether the product is covered by Joyetech’s limited manufacturer’s warranty and to obtain warranty service. If the product is covered by the warranty, Joyetech will either: (1) repair the defective product at no charge, using new parts or refurbished parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability; or (2) exchange the product that is new or refurbished  that is equivalent to new in performance and reliability and is functionally equivalent to the original product. A replacement product or part assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.

End Of Page 27

For your information, Joyetech’s limited product warranty does not apply to: (i) consumable parts and products, including, but not limited to, cartridges, cartomizers, and liquid nicotine solutins; (ii) cosmetic damage, including, but not limited to, scratched, dents, and broken plastic; (iii) damage caused by use with non-Joyetech products; (iv) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, contact or immersion in liquids, fire, or other external cause; (v) damage caused by operating the product outside the permitted or intended use described by Joyetech or from failure to follow Joyetech’s instructions for use; (vi) damage caused by service performed by any party other than Joyetech; (vii) a product or part that has been modified; and (viii) defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the product.


The limited manufacturer’s warranty and the remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies, and conditions.

End of Page 28

Whether oral, written, statutory, express, or implied, Joyetech makes no additional warranties, including implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose, which are hereby expressly disclaimed. Except as provided in this limited warranty, Joyetech is not responsible for direct, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty or condition, or under any other legal theory, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused. If any term of Joyetech’s limited manufacturer’s warranty is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the legality or enforceability of the remaining terms shall not be affected or impaired.

Joyetech is not responsible for any other or additional warranties that may be offered to you by your authorized Joyetech distributor or seller of Joyetech-brand products.

End Of Page 29







29 thoughts on “Original eGo-C Instructions

    • Colby says:

      You might have switched it from the constant voltage to variable voltage. While in constant the battery powers at 3.3v. While in variable the battery powers between 4.2 and 3.6 depending on battery strength.
      To switch between the 2, power off the battery and hold the button in until you see the button flash blue or white 3 times. If it flashes blue you are in constant mode. If it flashes white you are in variable mode.

  1. Terri says:

    I would like to mention I had the burning sensation when inhaling. I could not figure it out! It never tasted as good as it did in the store. This website helped me soooooo much with that problem. Wallah! I held the button down until the automizer was dry. Then I pressed the button two times to fill reload the automizer with liquid. WOW! No burning sensation! Just sweet liquid flavor! You truly have no idea what you’ve done for me! I know that changing the coils/wicks help alot too!

  2. Sabrina says:

    I have refilled my eGo-t 2 times and each time it quites working. The first time I swithced batteries and some how got both working. I don’t know what I did to make it work. What am I doing wrong?

  3. kayleigh says:

    i have the eGo-t ce4 and instead of the light on mine being white or blue its flashing red and theres nothing coming out of it at all. do you have any ides what could be wrong with it and how to fix it. thankyou

  4. Peter says:


    My problem is that every time I refill the tank, the fluid flows out and all off the e-cigarette becomes juicy and sticky, plus the fluid is gone (this goes to both pieces). I refill it based on the description. Do anyone have the same issue?

    • MadCarlotta says:

      I had the same problem with my egoC starter kit. The leaking was driving me crazy and I knew that if I was going to really switch, that I had to fix it.

      In my case, my solution was to ditch the cartridges and atomizers that came with it. I ordered some clearomizers (stardust type) at first and it was a huge improvment, but then I tried the F16s and I will never go back now. The V2s are also really nice.

      I haven’t had any of the above leak on me even once, although I’m told if you hold or store them upside down, they will.

  5. Davis says:

    I have the ego c upgrade passthrough and I charge through thebottom. Now my battery is blinking red on the bottom led instead of having a solid red to indicate that it is charging. I can’t get it to do anything. Its only 3 weeks old.

  6. Tonya says:

    I was wondering if there was anything wrong with my ego c upgrade because it looks like the juice is really dark like a black color once it’s in the cartridge ??? I didn’t realize it before so just checking to see if that’s normal??

  7. Brandon says:

    I just bought my first vape about 3 days ago… I am having trouble with my battery… The EGo C to be exact… My issue is after the battery went dead i screwed it into the charger that came with the device EGo USB Charger… Plugged the charger into the power, i came back about an hour later and the charger led was red but the blue light on the battery was on (Dark blue i believe) i unplugged the chager and unscrewed the battery but the blue light stays on… I screwed the battery onto my vape and without pressing the button it engages the atomizer.. Any info on this would be great thank you in advance

  8. Chris Lorensson says:

    I bought my e-go C a few weeks ago. It has the mini USB port at the end of the battery. I can’t get it to charge at all through my computer. I’ve tried several USB cables, and even different POWERED usb ports on my computer and USB extender. When I plug it in, the usb light goes solid red for about 30 seconds then turns off. The e-cig works, but the light on the button is yellow. Not sure what that means. Is it charged / charging?

    • Edward@SunVapers says:

      I believe its in unregulated mode where the voltage is based on the charge of the battery. Do some research on the Joyetech eGo-C upgrade battery and what that does it may help you out.

  9. pedro says:

    i bougth my vap today and when i charge it to plug no light turns on idk if the charger dont work ? i need help

  10. laura griffiths says:

    hi ive just bought an ego ce4 1100 e cigarette andmy charger light constantly green n doesnt go red at all at first charging didnt work but now charging n keeps flashing blue on ecig any ideas why n if its faulty ?

  11. ecigarette says:

    Great art! Which is the kind of information that should be contributed online. A sense of shame on the internet without for a longer time location this article higher! Occur in excess of and also talk over with my personal website. Thank you =)

  12. bethany wharton says:

    ive had the eco-ce4 for about 4 weeks and it worked fine but today i charged it untill the charger turned green like normal and when i skrewed it onto the vapor it wont work, it only flashes blue and i havnt pressed it quickly 5 times or anything it happens each time i press it down normally but if i unscrew it from the glass tube then it works but as soon as i skrew itback on it doesnt :S

  13. zenovia says:

    my light on my cigerette keeps blinking and i only had it for 3days. its charged i have the fluids in there, it just stopped working but everytime i press the botton it blinks at least 6-8 times

  14. Newuser says:

    I bought the eGo Variable V recently and as I was cleaning it i pulled apart the mouth piece and the cartridge. A little O-ring rubber came out and I can’t figure out where it’s meant to be. Can anyone help please?

  15. Scott says:

    I own a Joytech E- roll and due to the lack of hit for me I purchased a Ego c twist.The twist only came with the usb charger.My question is can I use the AC adapter from the eroll on my twist?

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