Electronic cigarettes in San Diego

Are you looking for an affordable e-cigarette’s in San Diego.  Look no further, Sun-Vapers is located in La Mesa, CA and is a national online e-cigarette merchant.  We have a wide selection of popular vaping hardware and replacement parts.  We offer Pioneer4you, Aspire, and Kanger to name a few.  To keep our costs low Sun-Vapers does not have a brick and mortar store. (We have a store in La Mesa, CA since 2014.) Instead, we rely on our fast affordable shipping to fulfill your needs, and because of our experience nationally we are probably one of the fastest shippers within San Diego country in this industry. That means your package will arrive overnight in 1-3 days if ordered before 4:30pm PST via first class shipping option. (Priority rate shipping is usually overnight)  This also includes all of San Diego and much of Orange and Riverside counties as well.

Our secret is using optimized shipping labels along with tested mail routes that maximize the speed at which the shipment moves through the USPS postal system in San Diego.   Our other secret is elbow grease, when it gets tough we get going.  We pack your orders as they come if possible to ensure we meet each shipping goal daily. And for people who just cant wait we offer direct to home delivery as well.

What makes your e-Cigs different than the other online e-Cigerette’s available in town?

Well first off, we do not carry cheap grab-n-go e-cigarettes that you commonly see in small grocery stores and gas stations.  Our kind are the electronic cigarettes that you would find at a premium vape bar.  We have an emphasis on carrying only quality items and not imitations.  We also keep low overhead so that we can offer these premium grade products at competitive prices.  Because we do not have a typical brick and mortar shop we are allowed to focus on the shipping and customer service aspects of the business.

You may already be purchasing in another part of the country and paying for expedited shipping.  I can’t stress enough that most of our shipments are next day, so even if we are matched with other e-merchant on price, can you get next day shipping for $1.99 or for free over $45?  This is the edge over buying from a local merchant, give us a purchase and you will agree.

Sun-Vapers is the fastest and most price competitive Electronic Cigarette seller in San Diego County!

Even if you don’t make a purchase or your not ready please spread the word: www.Sun-Vapers.com

Thank you!