We have discontinued the plastic evod starter kits and replaced them with glass and metal EMOW and EMOW mega kits.  In this blog we will show case some differences and answer some questions regarding the kits and batteries. 

These kits may look similar with just a size and capacity difference. But they differ in how they control the voltage.


The EMOW mega (EVOD VV 1600) on the left is 18.5mm, The center is just standard EMOW is 16.5mm, and the standard evod is 14.5 using digital calipers. The EMOW standard does not use an analog dial.
The emow standard on the left is an ego connection and emulates Kanger Evods and Aerotanks. The EMOW MEGA has for windows cut out and uses a 510 connection. The airflow bases do not fit the Aerotank or Protank.


There is a new type of beauty ring that makes a flush fit with Protanks and Aerotanks and other 18mm devices. While you can buy the 18mm battery. We don’t have the beauty rings, those should arrive next week on 8/12/2014. We have asked Kanger to include this special ring standard on all the 18mm batteries.
The height of these is a nice surprise. The EVOD VV 650mah battery is a long and slender 3.9 inches. While the EMOW standard 1300 is 3.5 inches and the EMOW MEGA (AKA EVOD VV 1600) is 3.7inches. This is great because batteries can sometimes can be very long and clumsy. The shortened length and thicker battery will hopefully lead to more stability and less clumsy handling.
The best part about the newer EVOD VV batteries is the flush fit. The Kanger MEGA battery (or EVOD VV 1600mah) is that its the same thickness as other products on the market in the 18mm form factor. Finally ego/evod battery vapers have a battery to match their tanks. I really think this battery is going to bring 18mm tanks back in style for many vapers who are using either mini’s or mega’s because there was very very few power sources that fit in between.


This blog will be continued.  We want to talk about how to adjust voltage and have a short video demonstrating the product.

One thought on “Introducing the EMOW and MEGA EMOW Kits and batteries.

  1. mayorkelley says:

    I own the regular EMOW, and it’s by far my favorite vape device of the 6 I own. I can’t say enough good things about it. So I just had to order the EMOW MEGA in the stainless steel silver from you.

    My existing EMOW is just so sleek looking, feels solid but light in hand, a very well made high quality piece. It consistently creates great flavor and vapor with the included battery. Looking forward to getting the Mega version now. I’m thrilled you guys are carrying it.

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