Free shipping is going away if spending under $45 dollars.

Hello everyone,

The holidays are around the corner and our cost of operation is going up as many of our suppliers and advertisers are being hit hard with request they have decided to raise prices to thin out competition over placing clients on a wait list.

This means we really have two options, raise the price for our customers or simply offset the costs with a small shipping fee.  We are still one of the fastest shippers in the USA but we simply will have to charge a tiny $1.99 fee to compensate for the increases to remain in business.  We do not want to raise prices at all!!!  In fact with this new policy we may lower prices on several items as our model initially was for the sales of Joyetech starter kits, we now sell many items for under $10.00 so we gently bumped up the price on small items so shipping could remain free.  Now that we are charging $2.00 we can lower the price without taking a loss making us even more competitive than ever.  To further our desire to be one of the most affordable suppliers of hardware we also will waive the $2.00 fee if you spend $45.00 or more.  So for many of our clients you will not see any changes at all.

Charging a small shipping fee on low dollar items is the best move, it helps us offset loss when product/advertising prices go up, helps us lower the price to a lower cost per item.  And we can start investing on even better/faster ways to ship products.

I hope you understand this and still want to shop with us, I am working constantly on my site from shipping, products, to clean hi res photography.  I offer a great product at an affordable price and I hope you will agree.

Thank you!

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