Preventing gurgling on the Kanger T3 or Kanger eVod head.

While some people claim is should work with thin juices sad truth is its hit or miss as all juices feature different properties.  I will show you how to get the most out of your heads. 

Notes received after posting:

  • You may need to lower your voltage after adding more wick as much as .8V You ARE adding pressure which will make more vapor, while reducing wicking speed.  Its a balance and a tradeoff as are most “tweaks”
  • If your wick is too big you may need to untwist some of the strands otherwise you will twease forever. LOL
  • Don’t change the position of the coil you will notice there is a gap in the coil in the center. They are close to the sides of the base because that is where fluid is coming in.  Spreading the coil evenly will make the center burn as it wicks last.
  • You may want to remove the old flavor wicks before adding new wick. Use your best judgement.
  • If you really overstuff the atomizer you will push the coil down deep. Don’t use a giant wick.  Please LOL
  • Some have clipped back a portion of the seal that sets of top of the wicks.
  • If you go back to thick liquids you may need to remove the wick you added. Or you can use a pure unflavored PG or water drops if you have no PG.
  • And as all vaping, this is a trial and error experience.  I am only giving you the rough information to achieve your own perfect setup.
  • Common sense is a must, don’t use a shoe lace or a piece of sock.  Be smart, be careful and have fun.

First clean and dry your T3 or eVod atomizer and base.  If your like me you can use fresh hot water and let it dry.  Of course you can just use a napkin, towel or shake the excess liquid off off. (It may taste like napkin paper for a bit) if you rush this.

PIcture of Kanger eVod base

Next:  Remove the silicone tube seal. Make sure you know where you left this.  It seems like everyone is asking for these.

Kanger eVod2


Either gently with a pair of needle nose pliers. (Or some other type of plier) or with your fingers. (like I do) wiggle off the center tube. Of the eVod or T3 head. The Kanger T3 head is a bit easier to peel back since its longer. Please any damage done is at your own risk.

Kanger eVod3

Switching to top view for better perspective. You can see two flavor wicks and below that will be an additional wick wrapped in the coil wire.

Kanger eVod4


Here may be the tricky part I am using 1.5 to 3mm wick.  I stole it out of a throw away Vision CE4 clearomizer. You can simply tug on one side of the head and the whole wick comes out.  Then boil it in water to get it clean.  Of course you can always buy wick from a trusted source. They come in whole rolls or by the foot. (you only need an inch)


Kanger eVod5


Place the center tube back into place and press down locking everything in including your new flavor wick. Your new anti-gurgling eVod/T3 head is almost ready for prime time.

Kanger eVod6


OK don’t forget your silicone seal.  We are almost there.  The show must go on.

Kanger Evod7

You will want to get a scissor or nail clippers and clip off the excess.  Some people have been known to get creative clipping off one end very short and leaving the other a bit longer to feed liquid in.  I am not sure how well this works. KangereVod8

If you followed my instruction you have a new head with more wicking material   This should allow you thin liquid PG vapers more time to keep this from being a gurgly mess.  Now you may have over stuffed the wick, don’t worry use tweezers and tweze out the extra wicking material starting from the TOP (try to avoid the wick that is wrapped in the coil please.) The top is much safer since its freshly added wick.

Remember there is no substitute for common sense and creativity.  Just remember don’t blame me if you mess it up more. Sometimes you may have to patient to get the full results.  Trial and error is your best friend.

Kanger eVod clearomizer

62 thoughts on “How to prevent gurgling on the Kanger eVod and Kanger T3 Clearomizer.

  1. charlie says:

    Hi Edward,
    Thanks for your tips on the T3.
    My problem,however, is with the T2, out of the box they seem to wick poorly and give me burnt hits. I add a flavor wick on top of the original wick and that problem is solved. Now they start leaking. I have also removed one of the original 3 wicks (you tube suggestion) and no help. I like the T2’s for the flavor but the leaking is terrible. Any tips would be appreciated.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Tony says:

    That is a great help, in understanding my new leaking/gurgling evod.I have no spare wick till tomorrow but, i carefully clipped about 2mm off my silicone seal, above the 2 wick holes.
    (I HAD thought that the seal was being distorted when screwing it in. It travelled a long way after, I felt a seal was made, squashing it)
    Anyway, I half filled it with a thin juice and put it back together, expecting it to leak again. It’s now the best vapour hit and taste I have had in my 6 weeks of vaping. I have been trying to upgrade from my reliable (but not great) CE4. Tried MT3, but leaked badly, sent it back. tried dual coil CE5 but it tasted burnt, sent it back. I’m getting mini vivi nova tomorrow, 2ndhand. So cant send it back. Hopefully when I get spare wick, the Evod might become reliable. Thanks again

  3. Sean says:

    What I don’t get is this: Why the hell doesn’t Kanger sort this out?!!! Just sent them these instructions and demand that they release an Evod V2.

    • Edward@SunVapers says:

      I should add that I tested this so many ways and gave away the heads. What I find is no matter how I modified it someone would either get a burnt flavor, the draw would tighten up. Or they felt they needed to remove 2 wicks. I cannot win when people are all different sizes and habits are using liquids that perform differently. Its far more complex than people make it seem when it come to a “perfect” setup.

      • Sean says:

        Your evod coils don’t have the ohm printed on them, but I have seen other ones with the ohm number. Since you obviously deal directly with Kanger thus your stock is genuine, I guess the ones with the ohm printed on them are fake? Any comment on this?

  4. Tony says:

    Just give up on bottom coil clearomizers!!!
    Don’t waste your time on them! Because the wick is ALWAYS immersed in liquid, There will always be a very high risk of flooding the wick/airways. So, reduce the leaking risk by only using a top wick.
    The top wick does what it’s supposed to (mostly) – WICK. It sucks in the juice it needs.
    I’ve only been vaping for 9 weeks now, but have just begun to understand the simple principles.

    And as for Utube reviews. The reviewers generally are experienced vapers, but they seem to give thumbs up, to just about anything new that arrives, which is very confusing for the newish vapers, who are trying to decide which new atomiser to buy, wasting hours watching useless 20+ minute videos. If YOU are thinking of an upgrade, then DO NOT WATCH REVIEWS THAT ARE MORE THAN 2 MONTHS OLD. There are thousands of vids on utube that are totally irrelevant to todays products. The reviewers should REMOVE vids that are outdated.
    I could go on for hours ranting, so I’ll leave it at that

  5. yomamma says:

    I started out with Blu’s, moved on to an Ego-C with tanks. I try and vape 100%VG, which the Blu is. I bought some Johnson Creek Red Oak – Domestic…tastes JUST like Blu. Problem… When I use a Stardust V3, with 100% VG, it works AMAZING for the first 4-5 days, then gets really clogged and starts burning. Switched to a Kanger EVOD, again…worked AMAZING…now its not burning, but its leaking BIG time. Feels like I am wasting all my juice constantly taking it apart and blowing out the gurgles into a napkin. The Johnson Creek Juice is VERY thin, but I order 18%, and cut it in half to 9% by adding 50% of pure plain store bought VG. Any advice?

    • Edward@SunVapers says:

      I am glad you got everything sorted out I didnt not have time to respond to blog comments yesterday. always make sure your evod head is not getting twisted. go to the to my EVOD PRODUCT PAGE and watch that video. I am having people torque these things down and its taking the coil wire leads and twirling them around basically making the evod head useless. Take a look for me you can learn some good tips.

  6. yomamma says:


    I ended up trying out out this extra wick mod. WORKS FLAWLESSLY! I did use an extra 2 wicks rather then 1, my juice is a really thin 100% VG. Hits are finally CONSISTENT. I also taped up 2 out of 3 vent holes, gives me just the right draw, not super tough, not too airy and easy.

    NO gurgling, NO leaking. Well…for now….

    Much thanks SUN VAPERS!!!!!!!!

      • yomamma says:


        Yeah to keep you updated, my Kanger is still working GREAT. Funny enough, I find it works the BEST when I add 2 extra wicks, and take off the silicone seal.

        The wicks I am using are from old broken Stardust Clearomizers, so maybe this is why I am able to use 2 pieces.

        Happy Vaping! And please post any NEW tips or tricks, always appreciated in the vaping community!

      • yomamma says:


        Have a question for you… So I usually vape my Blu ciggs, High Carts – 13-16mg. I can vape them all day and feel fine…

        However, when I mix my own juice and use the Kanger Evod, the second I cut my juice higher then .9mg I get really light headed and feel sick.

        I’ve ran a test on my juice using the acid test kit, so I know its right around .9-1.0mg.

        Any thoughts or similar experiences? I am using USP Glycerin & Distilled Water to cut down my 100% VG juice.


        • Edward@SunVapers says:

          The delivery mechanism plays a big role in the way the nic hits you. Some company was getting critiqued recently for having really high MG carts but these companies are really compensating for a weaker delivery system. I think the evod is pretty powerful compared to the many devices on the market.

  7. April says:

    I watched your eVod video and have followed all of your directions/recommendations yet I’m still getting a burnt taste, even with a new coil. I’ve even let it sit over night to get the wick nice and wet before trying to use it and still have that burnt taste. I’m using the correct ohms for my battery so I’m not really sure why I’m having this problem. What’s even more weird is that if I hit it 4-5 times in a row, the last hit tastes good. This poses a problem for me because I don’t sit and constantly hit it. Plus, hitting it that many times in a row gives me a headache.

    I’ve been vaping for 3 years and have always used plain cartos and upgraded to a tank/carto combo when tanks first came out. I wanted to try the eVod to get a “cleaner” vape but I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing wrong. Do you have any suggestions? Oh, I should mention that I’m using a 60/40 VG/PG blend. It doesn’t seem too thick or thin and I don’t have a problem with gurgling or leaking, just that burnt taste.

    One more question, I’ve read that some people soak their new coils before they use them. Is that something you’d recommend? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Edward@SunVapers says:

      I have to ask are you using a variable voltage battery. How is the airflow, what is the PG/VG raito. There is many variables that need to be given first because there is so much that is different from one persons setup to another.

      • April says:

        I switch between VV and non VV (a standard 18650 tube mod), keeping my voltage between 5-6 at all times. I’m using the 2.5ohm coils, which were recommended for higher voltages by Joe, the owner of iVape. I did mention in my previous comment that I’m using a 60/40 VG/PG blend but it’s not too thick or thin. The airflow seems fine but I’ll admit it is not as good as the 801 fusion cartos I’ve been using, but it’s definitely not something I’ve complained about. Thank you for your reply. Please let me know if you need additional information. I truly appreciate your help. 😉

          • Edward@SunVapers says:

            Well I do think those voltages are very high. I am a big believer in dial to taste. Is it possible to scale back down to 3.5 to 3.7 and confirm your coils are running around the 2.5 range. I think starting low and vaping at a lower voltage for a while first then when your comfortable with the flavor raise it up a notch and move up from there. On a fresh full tank starting too high voltage will taste burnt. You can turn up the voltage as you get closer to the bottom but doing it earlier can taste harsh as the counter vacuum is strong at that point. Also closing up two of the air holes at the base seems to allow for higher voltages you may want to give that a shot as a troubleshooting step.

            I am not totally sure why this happens I can only think it keeps move fluid in the wick keeping it from getting too hot leading to a burnt taste sooner.

  8. robert says:

    baby t3 extra wick tooth pick tip in one hole bobas bounty or gorrilla juice the best vape on a provari mini at 4.4

  9. Konrad Rowe says:

    I just bout one of these guys because it was made out of metal i was happy with my stardust but the plastic couldn’t stand up to the abuse while i was working. I like the concept of the bottom feed but it gurgles and spits when i take a hit so this tutorial was a godsend. I’m trying this when i get home wish me luck lol.

  10. Matt says:

    I have noticed after doing this that it changes the flavor drastically, almost like a burnt taste. Any thoughts on this guys. The gurgling is gone immediately after adding even just a little extra wick. I just cant stand the taste of it.

  11. ESK says:

    Been having tons of leaking/gurgling/difficult draws with both Evod & MT3, added wicks to my MT3 and so far it’s brilliant, just like the first 5 minutes when it was new 🙂

  12. Robnoob says:

    I notice my T3 never leaks anything till the tank drops below 1.0-.08 ml. keep it over that and you should be fine. I believe that’s the sweet spot because it looses vacuum at lower juice level. If you look inside your tank that’s just above that silicon post retainer and that’s the vacuum break. I’ve used 100% pg to 50/50 split soon as it hits .08ml I know there’s a puddle battery to clean. Since I noticed this I haven’t had to do a “full clean” on my t3 or my battery. If it is leaking at full then you need to add wick or do some of the above fixes. Btw I love my t3 even with the questionable lack of quality control. Ed keep up with your help of noobs like me and getting out the word on vaping. I hope this helps some of my fellow vapers

  13. matt says:

    Thanks! I reported the issue to the store I shop from, and they give me a Kanger T2 which they said would work better, but also gave me a cutting of 1.5mm wick to try and fix the T3 they sold me previously.
    I added one length of wick as described above, and still had alot of room left for more. I haven’t had the issue with gurgling and leaking again. If it comes back, I’ll try adding one more piece, but so far so good!

  14. Robert says:

    I have Kangor Protanks that I clean by taking apart the head and running through my coffee maker, letting them soak over the day or night, then doing a burn. I do this twice to get real clean heads. The added wick approach posted above works the same way on the Protanks. Often, the wicks get messed up through my cleaning, so I merely replace the top ones after cleaning and burning. Good post 🙂

  15. Ian says:


    Thank you, thank you for your very helpful information.

    My experience with my eVod was hopeless to say the least – leaking and gurgling from the off (with two units). So airy when vaping – almost no vapor and very little flavor either.

    Tried your solution and, wow, MUCH more vapor and at least some flavor 🙂

    I added two wicks from a Vision V3 as I felt my leaking/gurgling was so bad before.

    Can you advise the best tweak from here to make it more flavorsome? The whole point of me switching to bottom coil from top coil was because I had read that the flavor is better.

    My setup is:
    eGo-C Upgrade battery on the constant voltage setting
    bought pre-mixed juice: 70% PG, 30% VG, water, flavor, nicotine

    Thanks for your help.


  16. Terrance says:

    This looks like a great alternative to endlessly purchasing coil/wick units for my evod tanks, thank you for the tips! for everybody mentioning leakage issues with the evod tanks, I had similar problems when I first got them. I discovered that I was over-tightening the base to the tank, it’s a real fine line between too tight and too loose, but once you find the sweet spot, you can generally make them leak-free. I’m pretty new to this so my advice may or may not be helpful, but give it a try if you’re having leak issues. Cheers!

  17. Veronica says:

    I am a newbie- I really want to be successful at vaping because I want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes… The first week was great! I went from 1 & 1/2 packs a day to 3 or 5 a day- vaping helped a lot. I am getting discouraged now as I am starting to have trouble with my clearomizer. Kanger T3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your easy to read and understand explanations on gurgling Kangers- I love the pictures, they helped more than anything I have found on the net! YOU ROCK!

  18. d0ster says:

    Hey Edward, have you ever heard of flipping the silicone seal upside down for gurgling/flooding issues on the KPT? I saw it mentioned by a user on e-cig forum but not really anywhere else but I’ve tried it and it definitely works. Just wondering if theres any downside to doing this. Thanks!

    P.S. Great site, keep it up. Just put in my order for a spare KPT, coils, and Flavorz ejuice. :thumbsup:

  19. Ian Watson says:

    I bought three of these evods and two of them leak like anything, one was the coil assy wasn’t fully screwed into the base thread so was passing the seal there but the other one is just leaking like a good ‘un and driving me nuts so will try out the extra wick.

    I prefer the evods as they give me the best flavour of all my top ends, I have a rebuildable triple tank job that looks the business but the flavour is flat compared to the evods and will say my evods take overvolting quite well too

  20. hf says:

    I replace the flavor wick and make a cotton one off the top of a Q-tip. The juice gets absorbed better and keeps it from clogging the main wick which creates the gurgling and leaking. I use 100% VG as well

    • Phil says:

      I has serious problems with the MT3S gurgling and leaking. Bought MT3S from another supplier and have had no problems whatsoever. I can’t fathom paying for something that is supposed to work and then having to mod it to make it work.

      • Phil says:

        New MT3S eventually started gurgling & leaking too, did the wick thing with a pair of 2mm silica wicks and it worked great.

        • pjmarkert says:

          After some time now I started rebuilding my MT3S heads and found the best combination is 6 turns of kanthal #32 wound around a 5/64″ drill bit yielding 2.15 ohms. I used a tight cotton wick taken from q-tips and 2 silica 2mm flavor wicks.
          No leaking or gurgling and huge vapor even with standard ego-t batteries. After many tries including micro coils, this seems to be the best.

  21. Chris says:

    I’m glad I found this site. I was about to throw my 2 evods in the trash until I tried this modification. So far it works…the draw on mine are still to hard, so I might try to open the air holes more. Question, how long is everyone’s evod heads lasting before failure? I’ve had mine on for two weeks, and I chain vape 6mg of my own diy juice, and they’re starting to fail. I’ve never rebuilt my own coils, etc…might try in future

    • Chris says:

      Forgot to mention that I also took the bottom silicone washer off like the other poster since I think improper fit of this was causing the massive leaks I was experiencing as well.

  22. Dave says:

    Here is the real answer: 1. Do not hotbox it. Take long slow drags. If you suck too hard you are just sucking fluid through the wick and into the battery area. 2. Do not cover any of the 4 little air holes on the knurled area.
    3. If you get any fluid into the battery area, daub it out with TP instead of sucking harder. When you hear gurgling, the tendency is to suck harder to get it out. Bad idea. 4. If you tried to suck the chrome off your mt3 and it is leaking, you might have to replace the wick to get it to stop leaking.

  23. Dave Usher says:

    Here is the short version of how to fix kanger leaks and gurgling. Do a google search for “How To: Fix Kanger EVOD leaking/gurgling issues”. This article is simple and it works perfectly. You borrow the top white rubber cap seal off an old atomizer and put it on the atomizer upside down. Leave the original seal in place so there are two seals, one down, one up. This takes care of leaking, gurgling and air pressure differential issues 100%.

  24. Dave Usher says:

    Here is the short version of how to fix kanger leaks and gurgling. There are design problems with the seals, but fortunately there is a real easy fix you can do if you have an extra atomizer handy.

    Do a google search for “How To: Fix Kanger EVOD leaking/gurgling issues”.,d.aWM

    This article is simple and it works perfectly. Scroll to the bottom of the article and see the last photo. Borrow the top white silicone cap seal off an old atomizer and put it on the atomizer upside down. Leave the original seal in place so there are two seals, one down, one up.

    When you put it together, the upside-down seal will hang onto the tube inside the clearomizer.

    I have additional information learned by experience: You don’t have to tighten the unit onto the battery so tightly because now there is enough rubber to seal the two parts so they don’t leak. When you take the unit apart to fill it, the upside-down seal might pop off the tube inside the atomizer. Fish it out and put it back on the atomizer upside down. Be sure to check this otherwise you might damage it forcing the thing back together with a cockeyed seal stuck in the upper housing.

    This takes care of leaking, gurgling and air pressure differential issues 100%. It aslo solves the problem of high resistance vaping — which leads to sucking juice through the wick. The four holes in the atomizer base often get blocked by the battery screw because you have to crank it down to get a seal.

  25. Justine says:

    I seem to have a problem with the coil untwisting itself. I recently bought a new pack of coils and every 2 hits I have to undo it and twist it tight again or else its the worst burn taste. Have you heard of this before? I cant find any advise for it!

  26. Gordon R says:

    why should I have take it apart and repair it? why don’t you just make it better? To which part made by Kanger work just fine. No leaks or gurgling and I’m getting about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks use out of an off brand. Your wicks start to leak almost immediately. I love the EVOD tank, but Manager wicks forthem suck.

  27. Ian De La Hunt says:

    So my kanger MT3 is leaking on my battery and gives me burnt hits. I don’t have any extra wicks laying around so if I could fix it without a new wick that would be great

    • e says:

      the easiest trick that I’ve found to correct gurgling issues is to pull the o-ring/silicon seal from its “sealed” position up the post just enough so that when the head is screwed back on, the cylinder inside the tank creates the seal…

  28. skilzwell says:

    Hey im pretty new to this and am lucky enough to have a GREAT vape shop minutes from my house. . They always did any maintenance 4 me whenever it leaked, had burnt taste, whatever.. I recently bought a few coils for my kangertech t3s the 1st 2 were the same as always and worked fine. But the last time I purchased one I noticed ( while installing) that it says 220 instead of 180 & is working. . The issue is that it’s giving me monster hits!!! Im worried its gonna use up all my juice though b4 the reopen in 2 days!! Is this coil ok 4 the T3S? And should I turn down the bottom setting? #noob I know !Please help! I have a long road trip very soon & need someone who has answers.. THANKS!!

  29. nathan says:

    This is a great fix to stop gurgling, it has also made my kangertech t3s vape a lot better, thank you so much

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