We are proud to release the Kanger mini Protank as the second in a line of new glassomizers from KangerTech.


A mini Protank attached to a batteryWhat is the Mini Protank?

The mini Protank is simple T3S style clearomizer in the sub category of glassomizers. (A glass clearomizer) its the little brother to the regular protank which is know for  metal construction and borosilicate (same as the trademarked Pyrex in the USA)  glass which is basically a stable glass used for its sturdiness and resistance to fracturing during rapid temperature changes. This glass is used in laboratories for its stability.

Dimensions and capacity of the mini.

Its height freestanding on a flat surface is as tall as a Kanger T2 which is 2 15/16 inches tall or 74mm internationally. Diameter is that of an eVod/ego type battery which is 14mm. The pyrex glass is thinner to allow increased liquid capacity which is a stated 1.5ml which is more than the suggested .8 and 1.0 that was previously stated from other sources.  The glass appears to be close to the thickness of the regular T2/T3 which means that you should handle this product with care.   Its meant to be used on eGo batteries NOT heavy mods.

Notable changes from the Protank I.

Aside from the obvious size difference and thinner glass , the mini Protank upon release uses an ego style adapter that is vastly different than both the 510 threaded (Protank I) we have seen, and ego connectors on /T2/T3/evods and it appears this has been done with a very strategic and well thought out purpose.

The ego base appear’s to be extended in height to allow for a better grip and better airflow since the ego threads are away from threading there is no longer a “hit or miss” blockage effect like we have seen on the T3S/T3 product lines. Also the atomizer is near level with the base in itself unlike T3 and evod heads that can be quite a bit higher than the base threading.  This allows for a longer center shaft and thus more usable area for liquid capacity.  The base itself is smooth and polished, allowing for the use of household tape to block an airhole if one so chooses.Three bases lined up side by side for comparison

Backward compatibility between the mini and KPT1 heads.

Another interesting aspect of the Mini Protank base is that the the ego base can fit seamlessly with the Kanger Protank I.  So those who are a bit more likely to break the base  could possibly benefit from using the MPT base on the KPT1. In addition the heads are identical, you should not have any issues with changing the heads since it was engineered this way intentionally.

Does the T3S head fit the mini Protank?

No, buy the heads that are meant for the product your using.

Do Kanger eVod heads fit the mini Protank?

Yes. but we do not offer support on this at all.

Conclusions and final opinion.

Kanger has once again proven to me that they are true masters of both Pyrex and the bottcom coil.  They did not just make a smaller protank to fit ego batteries and stop there.  They addressed some of the short comings of having intake holes on the eGo base thread which led to blocking on certain devices, such the T2, T3S, eVod and Protank I.  This is an exciting time to be a vaper.

(Below) note how the MPT base is on the Protank.

A big Protank is showcased against a mini Protank

Someone wanted a familiar products line up.  Your wish is my command.

Protanks lined up and compared visually

31 thoughts on “Everything you want to know about the mini Kanger Protank.

  1. Tenderfoot says:

    Nicely done, you’re doing a great job, I’m impressed. You really seam to know what folks want, and care about what they get. I can’t wait till Krash sends me the one that he got from you.
    Thank You,

  2. robert says:

    you keep up the good work and you will be on my christmas card list.
    thanx to you mr. newman for actually caring about us vapers out here .

    • Edward@SunVapers says:

      I am not sure because some of those ego adapter have thier own airflow which can take something from airy to super airy I if you have a picture of a link I may be able to guestimate.

      • robert says:

        came in the mail today. igot adapters for 510 to ego that have ahole thru them and ones that dont they both seem to work fine i cant really tell the diff. the tank works just fine thank you again

  3. Jay says:

    Looks great, and that was the best descriptive text about the item ever. Get some 1.8 ohm heads in and I’ll be placing my order!

  4. Coula says:

    I really like your site, your commitment and expertise. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us newbies. Looking forward to receiving the mini pro-tanks we purchased from you. Excellent customer service.

  5. [email protected] says:

    Placed my first order from Sun-Vapers on Saturday 7/13. Shipped that afternoon via USPS “Fast”. Had it in my hands in North Carolina MONDAY afternoon!

    Great service. BTW, really like the looks and performance of the Mini ProTank.

    Just a side note…..I also wish tank manufacturers dropped the ml marks.
    Without the ml marks, the mini protank just looks very clean and classy.

  6. [email protected] says:

    Ordered 5 mini pro tanks to go along with the pro tank. This device is great.
    Smooth, good flavor and vape.
    I like this size because I can switch throughout the day and it’s glass. Another plus the pro tank coils fit in the mini’s as well.

  7. Sean Hereford says:

    Just found your website…Love that you are so passionate about what you do…it’s nice to see. I’m a fan now and will continue to be. Keep up the good work and when my bank account allows it, I will certainly be ordering from you in the future. Thx for keepin’ the “vape” alive…S

  8. Jenny says:

    Thanks for taking the time to inform your customers! This shows a great deal of effort, you clearly take pride in your work!

  9. Bluesrains says:

    Im loving the ProTanks By Kanger. Especially that theyre glass, great idea you had!! I even wrote them and told them how great the ProTanks are! Keep up the great work Ed!!
    Id like to see Kanger make a Variable Volt Ego sized Mod, with batteries like other mods. It costs too much
    to buy throw away ego batteries. But a big mod is too big sometimes, and the joyce ecab isnt VV. Maybe work on that idea with Kanger Ed, lol

  10. Parker M Bell says:

    I have tried every way I can think of and full or half full, the protank and protank2 both gurgle and i get smike juice in my mouth…. could it be the battery? I have a 650 and 1100m battery… I MUST be doing something wrong… I was so excited about getting them in the mail, and now they are useless to me! HELP!

  11. [email protected] says:

    just found your site vary pleased with the fast shipping. I got the mini, love it
    I have a ego 1100 battery but its not a twist is a twist a lot better? would also like to know what to do to get a better throat hit?

  12. Rob says:

    I’m a bit confused. The usual state of affairs I assure everyone. Which replaceable coils work with the Mini Protank. I can’t find anything like “replacement heads for Mini Protank”.

  13. Santi says:

    I really enjoy the protank mini design as well, for its size and quality of vapor. Although, I can’t find a tutorial on how to change the glass tank anywhere on the web! Have you ever tried to do so? Would you be able to post a how to video? No matter how hard I twist (without fear of breaking it) it refuses to come off.

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