The IPV D2 Has Fallen in our Hands!

We managed to get our hands on the IPV D2 Test model before its final release. Today, we go through the device’s main features and how this device will impact the vape world and influence future vape devices.

Main Features:

  • 75 Watts
  • Temperature Control (Joules Mode)
    • Press power button 5x when the device is on to switch from Power Mode – Joule Mode
  • Slide-off Battery Cover
  • Single 18650 Battery
  • Visual LCD Display
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 78mm
    • Length: 40mm
    • Width: 22-25mm
IPV D2 Pioneer4You

Bottom line. Most vapers have clung to the stick-style batteries due to their easily portable small size and simple functionality. However, most of these types of batteries are internal, have very little features, and are typically disposable (once the battery dies or breaks, it’s trash).

The IPV D2 packs the latest technology into a small form factor device with one removable 18650 battery (sold separately) and an included charging cable. Pioneer4You has done things differently this time by using a 5V 1.0A DC-DC plug for charging. This is still a USB plug, but there is no micro usb input. It will be interesting to see how the charger holds up on the IPV D2 as there have been many issues with micro USB cables wearing out over time in previous and popular devices..

IPV D2 Pioneer4You
IPV D2 Pioneer4You
IPV D2 Pioneer4You
IPV D2 Pioneer4You
IPV D2 Pioneer4You

Quality You Can Feel!

So many devices have been thrown at our faces with very little difference in quality, design, and performance. At first glance, the IPV D2 looks great with sleek curves and contours. You know when you pick up a piece of equipment and it just feels well-built, solid, and you know it is going take some serious explosives to destroy it… that’s how the IPV D2 feels. However, I don’t recommend testing this. Point is, if you drop this device once, twice, five times, I’m sure the battery cover will fly off, but this seems to be a device that can take some abuse if you so happen to be prone to destruction.

Manufacture Defects? There’s a Warranty for That!

What makes this device the best is a true, 3-month warranty. Pioneer4You has had the best warranty by far, simply because they stand behind their product. We’ve had several devices that claim to have a warranty, but there is typically a lot of haggling involved, and it’s difficult to get a product fixed or replaced. This is not the case with Pioneer4You. If your product is defective within 3 months, you may ship your product to, and the product will be fixed, and in some cases, replaced completely. Depending on how much product is on hand, the process usually takes anywhere from 5 days to a month. If SunVapers has the product on hand, you can get an instant replacement by coming into our La Mesa store location and we’ll handle the rest.

IPV D2 Video Review

3 thoughts on “IPV D2 Features and Overview

  1. Martin says:

    Statement and question/s. The D2 is by appearances really hot/sexy! The Aspire Triton is a masterpiece. Is there an available adaptor to enable the use of a mini type atomizer on the D2 or the other one you advert end today I think? As it is now, it appears there is no way to screw a mini on. Is the wattage adjustable low enough to run non sub-ohm atomizers, like the KangerTech single or dual coil tanks? Both standard and minis? I’m very excited by the new technologies, some of which was a direct result of your involvement. Martin Wilson

    • Edward Newman says:

      I preach wait until you need to upgrade (aka the mod breaks) its good to have a backup for what that happens. But if money is tight and you can stomach the wait, let the iStick die a natural death.

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