You will not get spammed.

Ever got a newsletter and the deals and sales were either sold out, not very good or just downright annoying?  We promise to give out deals and discounts that appeal to the average customer.

Discounts not previously available.

We cant always outright advertise a low price directly on our website.  But we can offer steeper discounts that would not be otherwise available via a standard sale.

Sometimes we sell at or below cost.

We hate keeping inventory too long.  Sometimes its hard to lower a price and pray people notice.  This newsletter will help us thin out overstock.  Again, items we prefer not to list at such a steep discount on our site.


We intend to put 1 newsletter out a week.  Sometimes we may skip a week.  One thing we know for sure is too many sales are not really sales at all. (think of a place that sells used cars or mattresses)  Spacing between promotions and cool information  =  value.

We may interrupt this for the following reasons.

  • Flash sales
  • Preorders at a discount
  • New sought after items arrival
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