We have been doing testing on the eCab so that we know our product inside and out, we tested the eCab in more detail and we stumbled upon this important note:

There is a contact point that some might think is a screw or an adjustment knob.  It is neither a screw or a knob, its simply a contact point with an airflow groove in it so the atomizer head can take in air.  Twisting this will break a thin soldered wire that is connected below and this will most likely be irreparable and you will need a new eCab battery tube.  If we find that this screw has been turned we may decline return or exchange.  We are now testing all our kits and batteries before shipment.  Please do not turn or pull on this!  It will break the unit. 

We also notified Joyetech of the potential issue so it can be added to the instructions.

Thank you for your understanding.

8/15/2012 Another SunVaper emailed me a question after seeing the video, “Does this mean the product is cheap? Does it break easy?”  No not at all, the main issue is someone curiously twisting what they think is a screw.  Simply put, it’s not a screw and it does not turn easily on its own.  In my own testing, I could not get it to twist with a napkin or even my finger nail until I used a screwdriver and forced it to turn. I hope this helps. 


ecab adjustment screw
This is not a screw do not tamper with it!



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