The first domestic sourced high resolution photos of the Kanger eVod. I don’t expect it to change much at launch.  I have been playing with the clearomizers since Dec 31st. So far I am expecting it to be a very successful and functional clearomizer.



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What is the Kanger eVod?

The newest product coming from KangerTech. It uses the same technology as the Kanger Bottom coil with the added benefit of users able to get closer to the wick and coils.  This will allow hobbyist, performance enthusiast and penny pinchers the ability to customize their coils significantly easier than the current T3 line.  This also makes labor cheaper for the manufacturer making the cost of coils inexpensive the plug and play consumer.  The samples I received from KangerTech are working very well and to some extent vapor production is as strong if not stronger than the T3 line of clearomizers.  The could be due to the shorter height subtracting a few mm of travel time to the taste senses.

I suspect that this will be a very popular item as bottom coils are fairly rare and more variety for this coil type is in demand.  Taking all the benefits mention into consideration, the demand for coil type and the small more practical size I see this as a long term clearomizer.

I do know that this (much like the T3) tends to favor thicker liquids, I have found I can resolve many issues with thinner liquid by adding an extra wick.  Its my opinon that with the T3 you can tune the wicking/flooding resistance by add or removing wick from the atomizer.

Although there are mechanical/assembly differences, functionally its the same concept as the Kanger T3.

Somethings not mentioned are that you can see the eliquid from the top of the mouthpiece or when its upside down.

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4 thoughts on “Kanger eVod: First Hi Res look at the full rebuildable bottom coil clearomizer.

  1. Jennifer says:


    What is the fill capacity that these new tanks hold. Are they made to fit ego threading? And what ohms do they come in? Does the top cap unscrew to fill? I dont like the bottom coil Kangers, because one has to remove it from the bat then unscrew the bottom to fill. It would be nicer if one could unscrew the mouth piece, (top) instead.

    • [email protected] says:

      When I first ordered these I was told it would have around a 1.7 capacity since then I heard 1.6 and 1.5. I think the difference being what one considers filled. If you reach the lip of the inside tube you may get an extra .1 or .2 inside. They use the eGo cone threading. I believe the starting resistances are 1.8 and 2.4. The cap does not come off. At least on this version.

      If being able to add liquid on the fly is a major issue as you already know the (but maybe someone reading doesn’t) the Kanger T2 is perfect. To clarify on the eVod and T3. You don’t have to remove the base from the battery to refill. I just hold it upside down and grip the base and twist the tube off and refill. It may be easier to do with the eVod since this since it uses a smaller shaft than the standard T3.

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Ed,
    These look awesome. I thik a couple are going on my wish list.
    Obviously this is a metal tube, but it must have some kind of lining considering the window. Do yo know if the lining inside is the common polycarbonate that is corrosive to citric and some other juices?

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