If you have a Protank that does not seal correctly (where the mouth piece connects to the glass) I am currently replacing them.

So far out of 400 sold, 9 users have received a Kanger Protank with a slight leak where the mouthpiece connects to the glass.  I am doing a two way paid shipping on these and I have created a simple video to make sure that the return process is going super smooth. Please do not add weight to the package. This includes thank you notes etc.

This offer for replacement is discontinued and now falls under my standard return policy. 
I prefer to do these in a batch so all envelopes will go out Thursday.  Also please let me test your replacement before I ship it to ensure your replacement is 100% solid. This means it will be opened and possibly moist during this process.

Contact instructions

email service@sun-vapers.com

Subject line: Kanger Protank Leak

Body of email: Name and Order number. 

Make sure you triple testing your Protank, I do get lots of returns on many items that have no issues at all.  Sun-Vapers cannot afford to do this for everyone who *thinks* their Protank is maybe bad. 

Do you want to test yours?

If you just received a Protank and want to check it.  Simply pour water in it and set it upside down upside down on  flat surface and see if it leaks.  This is an example of a healthy Protank, you can also put your finger over the mouth piece and blow in from the base and water/air will squirt out if it has a defect if not it will be air tight.


Once you have repacked your defective Protank following the video instructions.  You can return it by these methods.

  • Hand it to a postal worker
  • Out going USPS mail at your office.
  • Mailbox with flag up
  • Blue postal collection boxes
  • Hand it to clerk at the post office.
  • Think Netflix!!!!

What else are you covering in this exchange.

Nothing its for the defective glass on the Protank that means everything else is subject to my usual return policy. This post does not mean your Protank is defective only if its LEAKING from where the glass meets the mouthpiece.

Current customer list for exchanges. 

  • V. MandyCat (Shipped)
  • Alex C. (Shipped)
  • Michael M (Shipped)
  • Keith R (Shipped)
  • Mary P (Shipped)
  • James Klien (Shipped)
  • Joe G (Shipped)
  • Scott C (Shipped)

After Post.

  • Drew S (Shipped)
  • Linc F (Shipped)
  • William K (Shipped)
  • Jake S (Shipped)
  • Seth Y (Shipped)
  • Zach K (Shipped)
  • Ron S (Shipped)
  • Don J (Shipped)
  • Sherry G (Shipped)
  • Mathew C (Shipped)
  • Ryan S (Shipped)
  • Daniel H 1pc(shipped)
  • Brett 1pc(shipped)
  • Ryan G 1pc(shipped)
  • Steve W 2pcs(shipped)
  • Nathan L 2pcs(Tuesday)
  • Dave F (Tuesday)
  • Jeff Klien.
  • Jason R.
  • Richard B.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to your business in the future. 

10 thoughts on “Kanger Protank Exchange Instructions. Updated 3/27

  1. Terri Markovich, (Vapor Lady) says:

    We tested ours and there is no problem, thanks for a great heads up, it’s great to know you stand behind your products and are honest and forthright about potential problems! Such a refreshing change from sites that pretend they don’t know you when you have a problem!

  2. Daniel Harmon says:

    I bought 4 and 1 of the 4 leaks exactly as described, where the glass meets the mouth piece. You didn’t mention in the video how to let you know about leakers, so I sent an email to your service department. The 3 that don’t leak are (by far) the best I have ever had (tried many-been vapin 7 years). And Kudo’s to Sun-Vapers for getting me the 4 I ordered Quickly. I live in Florida, you are in California, and I got them within 4 days of when they were ordered. Please rush the return envelope to me so the one leaking can be swapped out.

  3. Vick says:

    I used my protank for 2 days and i am getting a burnt taste i had to change the atomizer head already is this normal? Also when can we purchase more replacement atomizer heads?

  4. Mary P. says:

    Got my replacement pro tank and it works great. The defective one will go out tomorrow. Thank you so much for the quick response. You rock.

  5. kevin king says:

    had mine for 3 days and it will vape for a while and then the girgle starts and spits back in my mouth. i just take it apart and clean it and fill to top and that seems to work for a while. i cant return yet, no money to get another one till 4 more days. so i will keep it alive till then. thats vaping baby

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