Fans of the T3 can rejoice as the cost of ownership on these bad boys just got a lower. present on behalf of KangerTech the Kanger T3S in detail.



Note: Alot of my buddies poke fun at my videos.  I am not a reviewer and surely not an actor, but you can at least get a first look in action while you wait for those. E.N. 
The Kanger T3S combines all the features of the Protank and eVod into one unit without changing the core of the T3 itself.   Improving cost and quality without a sacrifice to to what made the Kanger T3 great in the first place.Untitled-7


The major change that will have the most direct impact of the base design.  The flanges on the Protank and eVod are wider keeping the base from snapping back in, but the T3S head does fit in the Protank and eVod.  I did NOT check for leaks, only fit. This head unit resembles the Protank head in every detail except for the flange is thinner on the T3S and it has resistance markings on the base.  I would expect that ohm marks would be standardized in the future as its a great idea for those who mix and match restances based the mod they are using.




Lets not forget the eVod inspired mouthpiece.  Its also hollowed out and I believe this allows for a higher capacity of eliquid. I dont have the proper tools to measure I believe I was adding quite a bit extra into the T3 tube than I normally do.


Conclusion, what do I really think.

A friend and hardcore vape said he would like to see a drip tip installed.

I have thought about this in depth, first a drip tip may look cool. but in my opinion it adds little functionality to the device. Drip tips add more moving parts to a device. I would say the average pragmatic vaper doesn’t care about drip tips if the mouthpiece is comfortable.

I have heard this a million times, “if they allowed for dip tips they would sell more” if someone is deciding their vape on the ability to accept a overpriced drip tip, they are missing out on a good product and most likely have their priorities in a different area of vape. In fact I think if you need a drip tip on it, it would actually sell less. This is just my opinion of course.

Good Job KangerTech.

After taking a good long look at the product and using it for a day.  I am happy that Kanger still supports it and took it further, by enhancing it.  I said this before and I will say it again, Kanger seems to understand its customers, and while other companies are flipping new pieces of plastic that are advanced parody’s of themselves Kanger is saying “why reinvent a new wheel, when we can improve this one” this is just good business and helps customers build trust who are afraid of product line that will change too soon.  As a small time wanna-be entrepreneur this is a welcome change as many people love the T3 and don’t feel like trying every single new product that hits the shelf.

I know this product will be a welcome change to all the T3 fans out there as their cost of ownership just got a little smaller.

FAQ and other stuff after posting.

  • Will there be an MT3S?  Yes there will. 
  • How much will it cost? A bit more than the T3 but I will not talk about cost. 
  • Will T3 and T3S be backwards compatible? I confirmed with Kanger this is the idea so far.

30 thoughts on “Kanger T3S clearomizer – Detailed photos and T3 fan viewer first look.

  1. WorksFor Me says:

    Inquiring minds want to know:

    1. Is the tank the same size as a regular T3?
    2. Can you use the regular T3 tank with the new base and coil?
    3. Is the mouthpiece bigger than the one on the Evod?
    4. When do you get them?

    • [email protected] says:

      1. Yes but I think with a higher capacity for e-liquid.

      2. Possibly, but I do not recommend buying it for that reason. I noticed there is a different tolerance on these that is just enough to cause a leak on a bottom coil. Assume they do not work together and if they do when the final product is to market then we all win. YAY!

      3. Its a T3 mouthpiece with the eVod plastic.

      4. I do not announce dates ever, too many people do this trying to make/keep a sale and it will blow up in the merchants face. LOL I would say 1-2 months despite what rumor mill may say.

      • WorksForMe says:

        Thanks for the info. I’ve been hoping Kanger would upgrade the T3 since the Evod came out.


  2. Susana Zeuli says:

    I want this bad, but I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Any chance you’ll ship international? Thanks!

  3. Sherry says:

    Thanks Edward! I love all my KangerTech tanks – Protanks, Evods and T3’s. I’ll definitely add the new T3S to my arsenal! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  4. Harplayr says:

    I really think they missed the boat if the final version’s coil is not compatible with the EVOD and ProTank.

    I love the fact that I can buy a box of coils that can be used in either my evod or ProTank.

    If you talk to Kanger, please let them know that many will want a standardized coil.

  5. Tim L. says:

    Any mention of a baby T3S? Ofcouse it would almost be the same thing as an Evod. I have both and for some reason i like the baby T3 vs the Evod. I guess its due to leaking issues with my 1st Evod.

    • [email protected] says:

      I would like them to. I try not to bug them too much as the communication barrier takes it toll when I go to them with a request or idea. I do plan to be asking them for a mini T3 but it may not be ready along with the current T3S.

  6. Jason says:

    Thanks for keeping in touch with Kanger, Edward. I appreciate the active role you’re taking with them. I believe it REALLY helped to make the ProTank as good as it is! Keep it up, I’m really lookin’ forward to the T3S!

  7. Neil says:

    Hi Buddy,
    Thanks for the review, can I ask about the T3S, we have had a lot of issues with our T3 leaking from wick onto battery and failing miserably.

    Have you had these issues with the T3S, how have they improved this ?

    • [email protected] says:

      I didnt see this post. I think that the leaking issues of the T3 stem from the difficulty of access to the wire. I think with the T3S there will be more access by the worker to properly create the coil. I hope this has translated to the T3S coil. So far I have heard good reviews. Thanks

  8. Amalie says:

    Where and when can you buy it. What is the cost? What is the cost of the attys – will they come in a 5 pack? Thx

  9. Ray says:

    “we have had a lot of issues with our T3 leaking from wick onto battery and failing miserably.

    Have you had these issues with the T3S, how have they improved this ?”

    I second that question as its important to me as well, having had the same issues with my t3.

  10. Silvia says:

    I´d highly prefer a drip tip, not only because I love using (overpriced) metal drip tips, but also because an exchangable driptip allows to share a device under hygienic conditions.
    I´ll buy the T3S anyway, same as I bought the T3, the MT3, the EVOD and the ProTank but if I go out, I take a Vivi Nova along (and so do my friends) only for this one reason.

    • Ray says:

      “I´d highly prefer a drip tip, not only because I love using (overpriced) metal drip tips, but also because an exchangable driptip allows to share a device under hygienic conditions.”

      Alot of places sell very cheap tip covers “condoms” just for that reason, so you can share with friends. And yes, they are called “condoms” on the websites where I have seen them.

  11. Mazen says:

    Hi, thanks for the review. The T3 and MT3 have an annoying ridge at the bottom of the tank which makes filling them not that easy. This was solved with the evod, no ridge. How about the new T3S?

  12. Erick says:

    I ordered 5 bases and five heads – I have tried one of these with a Vision spinner. When I received the bases, I noticed that they were different heights. Some small some tall, I have tried only the small length base, and noticed the “air flow” or draw is tight compared against a Kanger T3. I know this is the first run for these but wanted to point out this discrepancy.

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