To honor the promise that facebook friends get first dibs and exclusive discounts the link to the mini Protank will be available to them first upon arrival.

I value the input I get from my customers on facebook, I encourage people to like my facebook page the interaction gives me ideas and helps my business grow.

The SSL certificate is being renewed.

If the SSL cert expires you may see a warning on your browser stating it was not renewed or expired.  I am working diligently to renew this before it actually expires.

The mini Protank will be released in limited quantity’s.

I have limited help, recently our business has seen a large spike in sales that has not let up, I am already swimming in business chores.   I am running low on shipping labels and the overnight shipping of the labels we requested was canceled today at last minute and then the company we buy from closed for the day shortly after notifying they could not ship the labels for our printer.  In other words its life at its finest.

We have a brick and mortar in Santee, California.  We plan to move in mid to late July.

Not much to report, I will try my best to keep my prices the same. I don’t plan to have a lounge or a hangout spot, more of an extension of the website where online customers can pick up after placing an online order.  This will help move customers in and out and keep prices low and competitive.  Stay tuned for more as this could all change.


8 thoughts on “Mini Protank arrives tomorrow, facebook friends get first grab. More news.

    • Tran N says:

      Hi Robert
      Our FB friends will get the first hands on the mini protank. Like us on FB and you will see the link 🙂

    • Tran N says:

      did you like us on FB? the link was posted yesterday for $13.99, use FB-MINI for 7%off ( with $35 minimum purchase)Please visit our FB page for more info.
      You can also find the mini protank here on the website, but its $14.99

  1. Alan says:

    Received my mini ProTanks. These are the best I have used so far. I am a big fan of ProTank and didn’t think they could one up themselves. They did.

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