9 thoughts on “Mini Protank Teaser

  1. [email protected] says:

    If (“IF”) this Supposedly new “Mini Protank “is somewhere between 3.0 and 3.2 Ml Liquid capacity “WITH” a Pyrex Glass Tank AND if fully backwards compatible with the “Kanger T3S Atomizer Heads” AND Base that I just bought recently from “Sun-Vapers” then it’s simple. PUT “ME” DOWN FOR 6 IMMEDIATELY!

  2. robert says:

    will you please send out a mass email or at least let me know when i can place my order for some . thanx for your hard workand research for all of the rest of us it is appreciated.

    tanx ROBERT

  3. [email protected] says:

    Since you appear to have a solid working relationship with the Kangertech Corp., here is a suggestion for you to bounce off of them.
    Instead of using Pyrex Glass in the Pro Tanks, Mini Pro Tanks etc. since Pyrex is actually quite a fragile glass material.
    Why not produce the tanks with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 ?
    It is far more durable and resistant to impacts and scratching and is dramatically lighter than Pyrex Glass is.
    Corning Gorilla Glass 3 also will not produce any negative effects on the flavors of liquids and is just as resilient against the acidic liquids and flavors as Pyrex Glass is.
    The strength factors of Gorilla Glass 3 alone is one of the many reasons it is being used now in the new emerging mobile phones and Tablets coming into the market.
    Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 as one example.
    It is now shipping with a screen made with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
    I don’t work for Corning or any of it’s subsidiaries.
    I just thought this might be a bit of a No Brainer for the fine folks at Kangertech to keep them even further ahead of the pack in the finest innovations in the tank technology.
    I love my Pro Tank but think the Gorilla Glass 3 would be a far better choice of material for the Pro Tank lineup and would request that you try to approach the Exec’s at Kangertech about this as a possibility in innovation.
    Thanks for all you have done with them already.

  4. Tom Dulin says:

    @[email protected] pyrex glass (also known as borosilicate) is extremely non reactive aswell as very very strong, gorilla glass has a huge layer of plastic inside of it, additionally due to its properties im not even sure how easily (or cost efficiently) a cirular gorilla glass tube would even make…regardless the flat panel application for gorilla glass is something ENTIRELY SEPERATE from boro, which is the unrefuted champion for carrying whatever liquids (or other things you like) without worrying about reactivity, i.e. oxidization, leaching of plastic toxins etc…If you want more strength you should push for thicker boro!

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