Before hand notes.

I dont put the Protanks into a boiling pan of water as part of my testing, I was only demonstrating the very high quality of the Kanger Protank in hot water as regular glass would simply crack.

Each Protank that ships will be tested before shipment hence the $28 dollar price tag.

The next batch will be fixed by KangerTech and this will not be necessary on future shipments.

18 thoughts on “My method for testing the rest of the Protanks (video)

  1. nodvape says:

    The product should be tested by the manufacturer not the reseller. I don’t want product that has been in unsanitary conditions. You might as well do the test in your toilet.

    I own a Protank and love it, but now I am going to find a different vendor.

    • Ryan Frye says:

      WOW. You equate a sink to a toilet? Do you shit and piss in your sink? This guy is stepping up hardcore, would you rather he blow into all of them with his mouth.

      Douche bags like you are why the internet is all fucked up.

      This fellow has been pretty transparent with this whole thing. Don’t like it, wash it off when you get it tard! And the fact that you think the factory is cleaning these in sanitary conditions makes me laugh. Have you been to china?

      • nodvape says:

        It is sorry people such as yourself that ruin the internet my friend. So quick to call names and get irate. Typical…

        Listen, manufacturers should be doing the testing and quality control, not the vendors, that is business 101. My point about the toilet comment was, there is bacteria in a sink and we will be getting an opened product.

        I do appreciate the owners transparency, but it is not the way to do damage control, by having to open a sealed product before shipping it to a paying customer. And on top of that, the owner now name calling a customer?!? You have got to be kidding me!

        • Angry Mexican says:

          i clean my vape in the sink every couple of days. i dont consider it a toilet i would call you more than a dumbass.

        • PLATINUMS says:

          Whats the first thing you do when you buy a new Towel.

          Wash it!.

          Factorys leave all sorts of residue on the stuff they manufacture. Unless its a medical product what sh!ts do they give about washing it before you get it!
          nodvape – you’re out of line..
          PS Manufacturers probably do test it, for cracks and performance inabilities, not cleanliness.

          • kristi says:

            Exactly! I put my tanks through 90 proof before use. I’d like knowing what I’m getting is going to be in working order.

  2. matthew says:

    Thank you for the detailed video.
    I bought Protank from Kangertech directly.
    2 out 4 had leaking problme, and one has a cracked glass!
    what I’d like to ask you is,
    do you think a silicone can solve the leaking problem? or have you ever tried it?

    • [email protected] says:

      I would suggest that you try to contact Kanger (or whoever operates that site) first before using silicone on the product. If that fails, in a few days/weeks prices on these will drop sharply and you may be able to score some new glass for $10 bucks. I did see a Youtube video of a guy placing silicone on the glass so I have no reason to think it would not work. But trust me if you haven’t already try to return it to the source unmodified. Be sure to include pictures if you can they may send you new glass without having to ship it back.

      I should add that I plan on selling glass tops for those who drop theirs in a few days.

  3. Johnny B says:

    Edward, I for one am glad that you did the testing. It’s nice to see someone taking the time and effort to ensure the products they sell are worth the money we have to spend. I’ve been in enough production lines to know how difficult it is to maintain quality control and we’ll not get into the sanitation part of that process. I look forward to you having these on stock sometime soon. I just discovered bcc and love them. So much better then Viva Nova tanks.

  4. Re75 says:

    Hi there,

    – Sorry for my poor english –

    * What is exactly the type of glue used on ProTank?
    (the glue is in direct contact with the eliquide (on top and bottom metal/pyrex)).

    * How will she react with different hot liquids ?

    • [email protected] says:

      I have not heard of anything reacting with the epoxy that bonds the glass to the brass. I am not sure on the exact specifics, I would imagine these are pressed in a certain way where liquid cannot reach where the epoxy is at. You may want to ask KangerTech that in an email.

      • AOL says:

        It reaches trust me and it slowly gets eat’n up. My ProTank fell apart 2 days ago, the bottom just twisted off with little effort.

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