What another T3 variation?  It feels like T3 mania!

No, its the same T3 shorter. Its nothing super new, I specifically had Kanger make this “baby T3™” specifically for me in November.  It was very expensive (for me as I was the tester) , time consuming and scary all done in the in the name of better vaping. I hope you like it, there is a story to this lets just say the Kanger eVod is somewhat of an off shoot.  “Baby T3™” is a trademark of Sun-Vapers which anyone can use.  To order this from Kanger they call it the mini T3 or short T3 or baby T3.

Reasons you may like a shorter T3.

  • I always found that each mm counts toward the vape temp.  Shaving a bit off may bring out more flavor and warmth and less condensation build up in tube. 
  • 3ml seemed like quite a bit of liquid.  The cooking of liquid over time and the “coffee filter” effect of the wicking over period of time makes liquids thick and flavor changes as you get near .5ml.
  • I didn’t like how it looked on my eGo-C twist 1000mah.  Its a great item but I felt embarrassed to show it off as it was like a flute.
  • Helps fit in the pocket, same thing can be said about a purse.
  • I think carrying two of these with different flavors may be better than trying blast through 3ml of the same flavor.




Was it really designed for you?  Is it a real Kanger?

This is 100% Sun Vapers requested item with the agreement they can sell it to anyone once its completed.  Yes all my products are real.

2 thoughts on “My newest product. The Sun Vapers mini Baby T3™ by Kanger

  1. Jarne Skegge says:

    I have ordered from Edward before and I can tell, from way across the other side of teh country, that I am dealing with a straight up, level dealing, real person. I orders a regular T3 before because Edward was praising it elsewhere, and I could not be more pleased with it. I like it much better than my Vision ViVi Nova Jr.
    I also agree that “Variable Voltage is the future of vaping” and I prefer standard resitance accessories.
    I just ordered a air of these Baby T3s. Like Edward, I think the original is an awesome tank, but it is to big. makes my eGo look like one of those Recorders they made us play in grade school. Also, I don’t need 2 days of juice in my tank at all times. I was hoping to find a smaller version…then I went to Sun-Vapers and there it was- EXACTLY what I was looking for.
    Anyway, i can’t wait to get these and try them out. If I didn’t need to order so much other stuff this pay period, I would have bought a dozen just on Edwards recommendation

  2. Fulton Preston says:

    I love this product. Dealing with Edward is very easy. I even tried ordering via BitCoin and I was one bit-cent short on an order and he approved it anyway (this was before BitCoin was trading over $175 per coin.)

    I love these small tanks. I carry enough gear during the day to vape out one of these and I have a second on standby.

    These are stealth vpaors. Put these on a small 650mHa eGo battery and nobody will even suspect.

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