Due to complaints from our customers about our slow shipping speed/and the perception of printing a label and not depositing the package, we are addressing this. Here is what we learned.

The USPS is slowing down the mail and scanning. The service standard for first class is a lower priority starting in 2015. This has been evident as we are getting many support tickets asking about their package. We still put your mail in the same day, but the postal service does not scan it same day. They want us to use a scan sheet but this falsely shows a scan that never really occurred and does not actually track the package. It is the opinion of the owner that he would like to see the exact status of a piece of mail, not a bulk barcode. This is how we know true status of a package.

Local mail?

Local mail is also slowed down. We ship to many San Diegans. Sometimes weather is to blame from slow mail in other regions. But this is happening locally, today its 80 degrees and Sunny.  I have a package that has not moved in 2 days. Not even a scan!

Other vape businesses?

We are not the only area affected by this issue. I found this after some googling. I found another vape business that is in the same exact situation. http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/gotvapes/656386-usps-issues-being-addressed-thanks-all-your-patience.html

We spoke to a supervisor today. 3/13/2015

I could not reach anyone by phone to find out why so many packages are without scans.   I went to a location where a supervisor was available, he did not want to get into specifics but informed me service standards starting January 2015 have changed.  I should use the batch scan sheet to show a scan to get customers off my back. (This will not improve the mail shipping speed, its just one barcode that consolidates many barcodes)  He didn’t want to go into detail as I stated, but he did say I can find more information if I look on the internet.

He did state the mail should be scanned on arrival he will follow up with the postmaster of that area on that issue.

Here is a brief look at what online newspapers had to say about the first class change.  It affects everyone.




Whenever a standard changes, some workers might take advantage of it.

It seems as if they added a day to FC shipping which is not that big of a deal, but what we are seeing is 3-4-5 even 10 days becoming the norm, its changed much more than how it was in 2014.  Is it a give an inch take a mile situation?  I would speculate that some employees may be using the relaxed first class as an excuse to just skip it as a priority duty altogether.

“You know what? It’s busy, screw it! Throw the first class crap to the side for now!!!”

What can you do to get your vape mail faster?

It seems as if Priority rate is the way to go if you are far away.  If you’re in California, Nevada or Arizona I strongly believe UPS is truly a better option than USPS.  We have many issues with the postal service in general.   UPS is very thorough and estimated delivery times are usually spot on.

We will amend our shipping FAQ to reflect these changes and sadly we can no longer say first-class kicks butt anymore. 🙁

If you’re undecided on your shipping method in California we strongly advise UPS Ground as the best shipping method on the west coast. In some cases it has taken the USPS 4 days to initially scan a package only going 50 miles away.

 Final thoughts?

Everything either goes up in price to stay the same quality; or degrades in quality to stay the same price.  I think its been a great price if not a STEAL.  But customers should be informed of the change.  With all this negativity in the blog post, it should be noted its not ALWAYS slow, its just not consistent.  Some days are better than others. Just know if you got a package in 2 days one week it may be longer on the next order.  This is what we have been seeing for a few months now.


We are not alone! Look at the discussion on reddit.