We wanted to try something new.

We get many calls and emails asking for expedited shipping options, this usually is done by charging just a bit more for the priority class.  Our first class rate is still fast because we ship the same day cutting the shipping and handling time to just shipping time only.  But still customers still let us they feel more comfortable with priority, well if you buy any starter kit from now until 8/24 you will get it in a free priority rate envelope OR flat rate box with delivery confirmation.  This means if you buy on a Monday before 3:30pm you most likely will receive product on Wednesday in the city and possibly Thursday in the rural USA.

A quick note about our delivery confirmation:

All our shipping options have delivery confirmation. Every single package shipped gets delivery confirmation with our without priority and you receive an email with tracking instructions this is not new.  This may have been unclear in our shipping FAQ and it will be added to that as well.


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