Its been a real rough few days for Sun-Vapers.  But we keep pushing forward and got some great news from KangerTech.

So as many people know there is a defect in some of the Kanger Protanks that SV (information) have been exchanging with our remaining tested stock.  KangerTech happened to be viewing my blog and noticed I was taking exchanges. Danny Zhu himself contacted me via video Skype and deeply apologized for the defect and let me know his team has identified and  fixed the issue in the manufacturing process. KangerTech will replace any defectives I have from faulty workmanship and exchange them for good stock.

The most interesting part, is they contacted me first and was very aggressive in making this perfect.   I was waiting on the returns to come in before I sent them information on the issue so I can demonstrate the problem.   The fact they took a assertive approach to fix this and make things right with me is a testament to their commitment to merchants and end users.

I asked Danny Zhu to shoot me an email after our conversation so I can take a screen shot for my blog.



I never had a doubt they would handle the issue with me in a professional and quick manner.  Thank you so much!

Now, the temporary price hike. 

I have more than just money invested in the product at this point.  I have taken quite a bit of losses, and  with obvious supply and demand economics I need to charge a bit more to stay afloat.  I can assure people who want cheaper products they can buy these at other places, and I also sell Kanger eVods in stock for $5.99 if the cost of the tested Kanger Protank is too much.

5 thoughts on “KangerTech’s official response regarding the leak, and temporary Protank price hike.

  1. Don says:

    I’d much rather get a couple more Protanks from a vendor who has proven he’s customer-centric than pay a few dollars less and get them from somewhere else. Charge what you need to charge, brother. Both of the Protanks I got from you have been performing flawlessly, and I’m looking forward to picking up a couple more for some friends when you get them back in.

  2. ChrisUp2Late says:


    I love the idea behind the Protank — and thank you for suggesting it and pushing Kanger to produce it.

    It would be great if the EVOD coils could be used (unmodified) on the Protank (not sure if that’s true).

    My only suggestion would be to ask them to create a version that allowed removable drip trips.

    I say that not so much to allow the use of custom tips (which customers would no doubt like) but more importantly, to facilitate filling from the top rather than the bottom.

    I haven’t used a protank yet, and I love the EVOD, but I want a bigger, better tank (and the protank looks fabulous), but I hate the mess of removing the bottom of the EVOD to fill it.

    I’ll likely buy a Protank when they arrive at my local shop, but a top filling, drip tip friendly tank would be SO much nicer.

    Like Don, I’d be happy to pay more for a better product and support a proactive, consumer-centric vendor.



    • Andy says:

      I would not mind them creating more with different styled drip tips and colored metal even, but one of the biggest advantages to the design now is that it is only two pieces and it definitely feels like a high quality device. If it had the ability for changing the drip tip i think it would lose a lot of its appeal, not that i think it would destroy its functionality , it is just that as it is it feels more solid than most tanks i have used before. And the number one design benefit, is absolutely no leaking. Just an amazing device all around.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I really love the protank 3 and the aero as well…but I have been having a super big issue in dissembling them. I had to take a wrench and pliers to my last one to fill, and now I have the coil base stuck on my mvp mod…As when I try to take it off…The aero ring rotates instead of taking off the tank! Any thoughts?

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