I found a bar that allows casual vaping.  Can the be the first meetup Monday?

So Monday night was one of those nights that started off at Starbucks in Chula Vista which led to a conversation about how good conversation seems to be dying in San Diego.  This led my buddy to suggest a bar where you can go and everyone will known your name and you can B.S. to your hearts delight next thing you know my coffee turns into some brew and I not in Chula Vista, but Normal Heights.  I was convinced that these are dead in San Diego but I was wrong, Rosie O’Grady’s had a good atmosphere! My buddy Jose walks through the door and immediately everyone is saying hi and hi fiving and shaking hands.  This led to me feeling comfortable enough to whip out my expensive digital camera and attempt to pretend to know what I am doing with it.  It was a great night and I made a stunning find.  They allow vaping as long as you don’t vape liquids that smell bad or cause excessive scrutiny. (thick vapor production basically) I hope to be back next Monday with a brew and a vape and if you want to join me and shoot the breeze come on down. I took some photos for practice as I am trying to shoot people in low light situations. My buddy Jose was a guinea pig and you will see him alot! A great night indeed and I will be back!  San Diegan’s if your looking a cool place where you can let your guard down and have a good debate over some good brew, (possibly with a vape) Rosies is #1 in my book. For information visit their website.  Rosie O’Grady’s Irish Pub in Normal Heights. 

I just pulled of the pictures and realize I am not in any of them. Probably not smart considering it’s my blog.

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