Short Answer: It’s $2.99 for shipping.  

At Sun-Vapers we want to offer premium products at the lowest price. We have constructed a policy of being straight forward in all areas of our business. For the reason, we charge a small shipping fee for all orders. Our simple shipping policy is part of a goal:  We simply want you to purchase and receive your item quickly with as little hassle as possible.

Shipping FAQ

How long does first class shipping take?

Short answer:  It will be placed in the mail the next day and usually arrive in 5 days being average.  

Long Answser: So far (3/22/2015) to go from San Diego to the East Coast has been taking usually 5 days with some exceptions actually being 7 days.  This does not include Sundays.  Please beware it could be longer or shorter and we do not guarantee any maximum amount of days.  If you would like you can upgrade to Priority or Express rate shipping during checkout. In 2015 the service standards for USPS First class have changed.  This means that first class is significantly slower than Priority rate.

When is the package placed in the mail? When will the first scan take place?

Our official policy is orders placed before 10:00pm will ship the next business day, but service is usually much faster.   If you receive a tracking email your item is packed and weighed and ready to go.  We do not print and hold loose labels.

In 2014 and before we shipped usually the same day if an order was placed before 3-4pm and your first scans would happen between 5pm PST to 11:59pm PST.   We still do this in 2015, but if you select first class shipping or free first class shipping. The receiving post office may not scan the item upon receipt. This gives the illusion of not being deposited with the post office when it really is in their possession. Unfortunately this is beyond our direct control, but you can select Priority rate and cut down the transit time in half. This was such a big deal we researched it and created a blog with the findings.  This has nothing to do with vaping, its a change in policy for everyone who uses first class. At Sun Vapers we strongly endorse not using the post office and switch to UPS entirely.  The service is better and the tracking is top notch.

Does Sun Vapers offer expedited/ alternative shipping?

We do offer expedited shipping! During the checkout process please click whether you would like Priority rate $5.99

Please understand you (the buyer) will have to pay the cost of the expedited freight; you can select the different options at checkout.    Our primary shipper is the United States Postal Service.  If you need a special shipping service please send us an email at [email protected] Priority rate is faster than First Class.

Does Sun Vapers offer UPS?

Heck yes! We offer the full line of UPS products.  We have spent a ton of money to be not only the fastest shippers but the most versatile.  We are fully integrated with all these services and they pick up at our location.  Do you need over night?  Call for a quote as the list of options is exhaustive.

I live in California, what's the fastest shipping option for the price?

UPS Ground for Southern California.  USPS Priority can sometimes be next day, it has the benefit of Saturday delivery if you are placing an order on a Friday.  UPS works best for those having items delivered to a business address and we strongly recommend selecting this for that reason.

Does free shipping come with delivery information and tracking?

Yes, all types of shipping we offer in the USA come with a delivery confirmation or tracking number that is sent via email. You can track your order at

Do you cover mistakes made by the post office?

As much as we would like to, we do not cover mistakes made by the postal handlers.  (We had half an entire shipment go missing.)  We cannot cover another loss like that, we ask that if you are worried a shipping loss/mistake that you purchase the shipping insurance option.  Sun-Vapers cannot control the post office, we can only promise to use quality shipping materials and safely hand off to the post office. After that it’s beyond our control.

Do you cover mail marked as delivered by USPS but not received?

Unfortunately this appears to be a scam for new customers hey guys its “marked as delivered but I never received it, can you send me another one.  You will earn my business for life.” We then ship the package get the “kudos” and then never see the guy/girl again. EVER!  It became a real scam when we created a second website in 2014 to liquidate outdated product.  We caught one person red handed when he attempted to do the same thing on our liquidation site. It was a real eye opener.  I hope you understand we cant just send a new package because you claim you did not receive it.  Some postal worker in your Zip code claimed he delivered it. There is simply nothing we can do. We understand that some users may be telling the truth. But this is the industry we are in and everyone is scamming everyone and the honest business man/honest consumer takes the hit in the end. We strongly recommend signature confirmation, especially if you live in an area where mail theft could be high.

Do you ship international?

We ship to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden.  We can offer more locations, open a ticket and ask if its possible.  We may be open to shipping to Canada in the future depending on the current situation and what is being ordered.

What can you offer to San Diego residents who want their package same-day?

Come into the store at our Santee or La Mesa store locations.

The truth about first class mail

It used to be very fast for the money spent, but now it has literally become the slowest and most painful.  Starting 2015 your first class has slowed down.  Please check out our blog.