Hello to anyone who may be reading this.  The city that Sun-Vapers started off in, there is a meeting on the ban on e-cigarettes sales to adults.  This is not the ban on public property or indoor places this is a ban on the actual sale.   In the future this could be the first domino to fall and set a dangerous precedent.

I need you to look at this link. 

I need you to look at this link. 

Page 3 of this link. 

How you can help Sun-Vapers and La Mesa residents if your not local. (taken from Casaa.org)

(1) Call Mayor Art Madrid’s office at (619) 667-1100 and tell your story about how e-cigarettes changed your life and state your opposition to a sales or usage ban.
(2) Call the voicemails for City Councilmembers Mark Arapostathis, Kristine C. Alessio, Ernest Ewin, and Ruth Sterling at (619) 667-1106 and leave a message telling your story about how e-cigarettes changed your life.
(3) Send an e-mail to all members of the La Mesa City Council by using this webform on the City Council’s website.

How you can help Sun-Vapers and La Mesa residents if your local.

Show up to the meeting at 6Pm Tuesday tomorrow the 28th of January.

City Council Chambers

La Mesa City Hall
8130 Allison Avenue
La Mesa, California

A unilateral ban on ecigs is the first step toward protecting actively protecting the cigarette market and limiting technology that could potentially change the world.  Since when is it governments job to pick the lesser,  greater of two evils? Or tell us which technology we can use and which technology we cannot?  This is not regulation its tyranny.


FACT E-cigarettes produce less pollution on public property. (walk down the side walk in the city or even visit a local beach to see this)

FACT: E-Cigarettes come in nicotine free versions that are easily accessible thus possibly preventing addiction of new users for year to come. (there is some anecdotes evidence of this happening only time will tell)

E-Cigarettes are not a major contributor of fires.  Cigarette related fires trump e cigarette fires unanimously. Statistics don’t lie. A brief search on google will reveal how many fires were started with cigarettes.


6 thoughts on “Sun-Vapers needs your help today! Please help the City of La Mesa!

  1. Hilary Pine-Cruz says:

    Even though I reside in Florida, here is my message to the City Council I just wrote:

    I was made aware of your possible ban on the sale of the ecigarette. Although I’m from Florida, this type of ban will affect other Cities/Counties into thinking of doing the same thing on a National level. I was a 40 year, 1 1/2 pack a day smoker (cigarettes). I quit smoking almost 3 years ago using the ecigarette. I have all of my Doctor’s approval, my cholesterol has gone down, my stomach issues are now gone, and my blood pressure is now back to normal. Due to this, I was able to stop taking cholesterol and blood pressure medication. Please do your research before coming to an uninformative conclusion about the ecigarette that could possibly trickle down and affect other Cities and Counties within our great Nation. The ecigarette poses no health risks to the Adults who use it, unlike cigarettes. If people have the right to smoke cigarettes with all the additives/carcinogens, second hand smoke, etc., you may want to look at the ecigarette as a viable option for those who wish to quit smoking. Although the ecigarette is not touted as a smoking cessation tool as of yet, we’re getting there and we need support…not bans. Thank you.

    • Angela says:

      Hilary, This is a beautifully expressed letter. Bravo!

      That’s all anyone needs to do; tell their story. I too am from Florida but that doesn’t mean it won’t effect me for even more reasons.

      I write to other states I tell them I won’t be able to visit their state if I can’t vape in public. I refuse to go back to smoking just to visit there.

      My mother now vapes, too. She is 80 years old and has smoked her entire life! I would be furious if she couldn’t use e-cigs because they banned them. Plus this is lost revenue for their state.

      Elected officials know how it feels to fear losing their job. What about the estimated 22,000 to 44,000 people who work at jobs created by the e-cig industry? And that’s not including bottle making plants, batteries for vaping, chargers, flavors, accessories, etc.

      This year the industry was worth $1.5 billion dollars and is expected to double by next year. That’s a lot of jobs.

      Unfortunately elected officials think e-cigs were invented by tobacco companies to lure people back into smoking. Not true. They also think Nicotine causes cancer.

      They are horribly misinformed. It is up to vapers, and especially vendors to support their customer base so they can continue to vape. The representatives, and the public perception of e-cigs needs to change.

      The media has done a fine job of brainwashing the public. Smokers used to walk up to me and ask me where they could get an e-cig. (My best friend didn’t even know about B&M stores until I started vaping). But, now smokers ask if I’m not afraid to vape.

      Below is a link to an excellent resource for the all research studies done on the safety of vaping.

      To be honest, I don’t think legislators care about the science and the health benefits. They care about the lost revenue from cigarettes taxes, and the tobacco settlement money they receive each year.

      Each state receives approx., $60-85 million dollars every year by tobacco companies from the settlement made in 1996.

      They lose part or all of that money if they don’t follow guidelines that have to do with cigarette sales. This is where I am at a loss for knowledge. I don’t understand how they lose the money from the settlement due to allowing e-cigs but, they do. That’s why Oklahoma’s governor banned e-cigs under an executive order. One day it was perfectly fine to vape in public and the next day it became illegal.

      It is estimated that e-cig sales will outsell cigarette in a decade. I bet government reps are more concerned about how they will handle the state budget without the cigarette money.

      Today there was a news article about the millions of dollars Massachusetts lost this year because they raised the tax on cigarettes ($3.57 tax). They lost sales to the black market.

      Is this the future of e-cigs?

      Link to the many research studies about the safety of e-cigs: http://onvaping.com/the-ultimate-list-of-studies-on-e-cigarettes-and-their-safety/#.UvLoBBeVwSg.facebook

  2. Hilary Pine-Cruz says:

    And they replied….

    Dear Hilary,

    I will forward your email to the City Council.

    Thank you. Lidia Simms

    Secretary to the City Manager
    City of La Mesa | 8130 Allison Avenue | La Mesa, CA 91942
    619-667-1105 | Email: [email protected]

  3. Brent Leimenstoll says:

    I dont believe anyone should approach the City Council with screams about our rights. They should scare the general public aboout the inclination of government officials to step beyond their traditional bounderies. If they believe (and its just a belief without any iperical evidnce) that vaporizers will cause an increase in children or others smoking, then make them awknowledge that fast-food increases obesity and they should in-turn outlaw any fast food outlet or the sale of sugary drinks or snacks that could be related. After all, science has proven beyond a doubt that these items cause multiple heath problems including obesity, heart disease, etc.

    Use this link and others as evidence.





    • Angela says:

      And if they are concerned about teens using e-cigs as a gateway to smoking due to the flavored e-liquids then why don’t they ban all the flavored alcohols in liquor stores? I’ve seen at least 5 Vodka flavors.

  4. Carl says:

    The best defense is a good offence! Here is some research I found


    and a 1993 study of Nicotine in common vegetables, yes vegetables… if they are to ban e-cigs are they going to ban vegetable?


    The more credible information you have to provide a rationality that they shouldn’t be banned means they have to provide credible information that they should!

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