To all my customers out there I am very excited to show of the Updated Kanger Protank or as I call it. The Protank Epoxy Free!


As some of you know the Kanger Protank intially had a separation issue caused by pressure and heat.

The CEO of Kanger said he would look into it and let me know what his findings were.  With the launch of the Mini Protank and soon to come Protank II he told me that the Protank would be glue free.  I initially thought he was speaking about the PT II.  But after inspection of the PT it was obvious more than just a few things changed.  New bracket, cleaner glass while it looked the same to the unknowing, something bigger had changed.  I thought to take a look deeper.

Lets get to the bottom of this!


It appears that instead of using an epoxy that would add questionable materials to the construction of the tank. (one of the things I am always pushing on all China manufacturing when I can)   They killed two birds with one stone and used o-rings  and brackets to both make a cleaner Protank and a stronger one as well.  This is just proof to me that Kanger wants to make a great product, both old and new.  Other companies would be satisfied already at the success of of their product and probably wouldn’t have bothered fixing it. Kanger could have easily just decided to leave the KPT1 alone and focused on the KPTII but they didn’t, they are saying “we take pride in our product!” and it shows.  The took the T3 and made the T3S and now the Protank is 100% glue free.

Its called an Updated Kanger Protank or Glue Free Kanger Protank.

Kanger calls this an “Updated Kanger Protank” or a “glue free Kanger Protank” I am sure some vendor is going to take it upon themselves to call it a v2 which does nothing to explain what is actually different.  At Sun-Vapers all our new stock is updated, and if we need to distinguish it from old stock we will call it “glue free” not a v2 or v3 etc.

Here are some photos, click the arrow on the top right corner to zoom in.


14 thoughts on “Protank fans rejoice! The newer updated Protanks reinforced and glue free!!!

  1. [email protected] says:

    woo-hoo! I JUST ordered one!!
    SO GLAD I checked THIS SITE before I bought from someone else.
    I ended up SAVING $9 AND getting the new glue-free version.
    Seriously you guys F***ING ROCK !!!
    I only wish u had a store in Los Angeles.

    , Ian

  2. Amanda says:

    Awesome news!! Thanks for sharing (& showing!) I know I’m one of few- but wish they’d come out w/ some attachment (besides my scotch-tape, lol) that would truly tighten the draw.. I absolutely cannot get used to how airy it is & now that the PT/2 allows use of our own drip tip, I’d really like to use them …. sans scotch-tape. 🙂 Thanks again for all you do to bring these to us; I appreciate the innovations you help them come up with/create!

  3. arnie says:

    now i see why my unupdated protank gurgles when i was using it at universal studio when it gets hot because the tank has leak somewhere coz the glue was adjusting im glad i got the updated one

  4. john perry says:

    i recently bought the new pro tank glass tube. i was told the glass would handle harsh liquids like the cinnamon red hot i liquid ate the glass up in about 4 hours. it cracked all to pieces. do you know anything else i can try to stop this issue? i love the cinnamon red hot better than any other liquid i have tried. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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