It may be weird if one of the reviewers reviews the #19 and I don’t have it so I will explain briefly.


After the original post was made a good point sent to me privately. What if a reviewer give it a positive review and I have this negative post about the product?

You should not take a way that this is a bad product, I purchased it because I liked it, I spent many hours perfecting it because I had believe this specific mod has the potential to be one of the best selling cheap mods ever made.  I can look at something and know if it will sell above average.  I was going to buy 500 pieces for crying out loud and I sent 5 popular Youtube reviewers the mod to review. I was going to pay for express mail to ship it back fixed so they had a working mod.  I would not do this if I did not think out of the box it was not good.  My main issue is that there is a simple fix to make it much better and Sigelei has stated they will not make it because there such high demand.  The demand is high because many people will work around the quirks. I think the button for me was a deal breaker for above all the quirks mentioned, I will not buy it until they make my sleeve or some other acceptable fix.  

For reviewers: I appreciate the reviewers opinions and information they provide and I still expect it to be a very favorable mod with both reviewers and the masses.  Don’t let my way of doing business keep you from being honest about the product in either a favorable or unfavorable way. 


Original post continued below.


I sent several reviewers the Sigelei #19, because well, I thought it was a awesome looking vanilla mod with lots of potential low budget vapers, newbies and modders.  I bought it before people where wanting it so I happened to get 50 pieces first in the USA.  I know there was some buggyness to it out of the box, mainly the way the button needs to strike the switch tube OR the button be pushed in completely to hit a stop plate. (whatever you want to call it) (if you have strong hands this may not be an issue)

After the first few were sold to my customers I got feedback from my Youtube and private emails and I fixed it completely. (all the stuff I asked for I made at home and my fixed version is perfect)   And then spoke to Sigelei about the changes I want made and I was going to buy 500 pieces. The part in red was what they could no make for me.

  • Make the 510 connection flush. (Request from Field of vapor)
  • Get rid of the magnets.
  • Decrease the strike need to make contact. (1mm or less with 0.5mm perfect)
  • Soften the spring up in some way. ( I didn’t care how they got it done, shorter spring, weaker spring etc)
  • Decrease the amount of button protruding from the backend.
  • And finally make a brass sleeve for the piston that screws into the button itself.

(I made two proof of concepts, one is just a really filed down penny with a hole the next was a bit more elaborate with copper and zinc washers soldered the together and filed down in a way it was to become a piston sleeve to make the contact point more solid and eliminate the misfire issue.) The thin penny idea worked well, but it required the spring to be a conductor, I did not like this, the sleeve was much better as the current would not travel down the spring. 


I have made a video that may explain better.

Side note: We really should not be encouraging more products like these. (including me) What I mean is by these items being popular we are saying. “Make more half baked ideas we don’t care, we will buy everything that looks half way nice and it’s cheap”

Its important not to reward manufacturers by justifying and buying product that really should be fixed.  The bigger picture is that these are simple fixes yet they go ignored.  This is not 2009 anymore and there is really is no excuse from an R&D perspective.  This is not a QC issue its a serious design flaw and when you buy these products your saying its O.K. keep slinging them out.

This is the response I get for more than one company when I complain, paraphrased

“We don’t need to fix it we sell thousands of pieces all over the world and everyone is happy, maybe you are just too picky”

This is really the type of response I get from more than one manufacturer.  After more thought; they are 100% right, if vendors will sell it and consumers will buy it there clearly is no a need to fix anything maybe I am the one who is crazy? But then again I did get someone out there to make a glassomizer and it went BIG! I can’t be that insane.

“oh really my customers will need to solder a wire to make it work right? Gee, and they need to hook it up to a oscilloscope to tune it.  Well If that is the case cancel my order NOW!…. from 2000pcs to 1950pcs.   BTW do you know where I can get 50 bulk oscilloscopes, soldering irons and copper wire?”


I know some people will disagree with what I am saying, I am not asking for a rocket ship, or a solar powered car or even perfection, and modding can be a fun and rewarding hobby.  But really all these vapes are very simple designs and mostly different takes of 1 very simple electrical concept.  A switch, and its been around for a long time.

Closing thoughts.

I am not picking on Sigelei or any companies stationed in China, and for the record I like Sigelei products I am picking on the vape consumer actually. I am bringing to the surface something that should be spoke about and discussed further by vape enthusiast. Should some of these products be as popular as they are? Do massive preorders of unreleased items encourage bad design?

I can understand why certain products have some issues, and vape is technologically diverse leading to a learning curve that is often mistaken for quality control…  Some things I have learned you will never get two atomizer heads exactly the same or a box of 1000 perfect CE4s, everything has a defect rate even if its made in America, Germany or Japan. But when something has an inherent and obvious design flaw which costs nothing for the manufacturer to fix, shouldn’t we be demanding that fix instead of giving it a green light and encouraging more half assed R&D designs to come to market.  These companies don’t learn to improve and adapt if there is no resistance.  I can live with most issues in vape.

But I just can’t on this one.