Aspire Carbon Fiber VV Battery (1600 mah)


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Carbon Fiber 1600 mAh VV Battery

This battery from Aspire is beautiful black carbon fiber variable voltage battery that is rated for 1600 mah, and features Aspire’s unique variable voltage adjustment dial on the bottom side of the device. This dial has a window that rotates over various different visible voltage settings, so you always know exactly what the voltage is set to on the device. Unlike other variable voltage batteries on the market, the voltage settings on the Aspire CF VV+ are very visible and easy to read. These settings range from 3.3 v all the way up to 4.8 v, to ensure that the tank system you attach to it will perform to your personal liking. This battery makes a great pair with Aspire’s Nautilus Mini tank system, and a lower capacity battery (1000 mAh as opposed to the 1600 mAh) is also available in a premium kit which includes the Mini Nautilus tank, this battery, a total of 6 atomizer heads, a USB charger, and a USB wall adapter. If you are interested in purchasing the premium kit, it can be found here.



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